Hm. There’s A Surprise.

Things I learned today:

  • Little wee rodents under great big snowbanks can really do a lot of damage. Witness the shrubs in my front garden, fully half of which are gone to make food and shelter for the voles.
  • Duncan likes vanilla yogurt.
  • “Good afternoon” is a silly thing to say when you pass someone while walking. “Good morning” — fine. “Good evening” — no problem. But “good afternoon” just sounds wrong.
  • Our most excellent neighbours will be moving within the next 5 years to accommodate their growing family. Already I am sad.
  • It IS possible to grocery shop with less than a hundred dollars. But don’t expect it to be a week of really good meals if that hundred dollars includes laundry soap, milk, cheese or pop.
  • Lots of annual flower seeds sprout really, really quickly.
  • Cream of wheat is a good idea in theory.
  • It is significantly cheaper to hire a live-in nanny than it is to put 3 kids in daycare and after-school programs.
  • Many people’s social chat is one-sided. They’ll tell you all about their life, but they rarely show any genuine interest in the life of the person they are talking to.
  • Apparently the world is clamoring for wheat. Signs in my grocery store tell me the rise in prices for flour is directly related to the world’s geopolitical climate. I was looking for baking supplies, and got a lesson in economics.

One thought on “Hm. There’s A Surprise.

  1. Sigh. All I learned today was a new word.

    But it was a magical word.

    I find myself oddly intrigued by the economic lessons you’ve been getting. I’m with you. Who KNEW that wheat was in SUCH demand?

    The world? She is changing. Sorta. Or something profound.

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