Ow. Bright. Warm. Ow.

Today was my first walk of 2008! Taaa daaah!

No, it’s not like I haven’t walked AT ALL this year… but this was my first walk outdoors, around the neighbourhood. I’ve walked indoors, and in fitness facilities, and on treadmills and stairs… but this was the first day of warm springlike weather in which to enjoy the first of many neighbourhood walks.

For the past few years, weather permitting from spring through fall, I would get up each weekday morning and walk, usually anywhere between 4 and 8 km. I always enjoyed my walk time — well, perhaps enjoy is too strong a word, as my feet hurt or I got blisters or my legs became dead weights or I would sweat like a sweaty thing that sweats. Enjoy might be overstating the pleasure a bit. But it was certainly nice to get out and enjoy the weather, and have some quiet time to think and listen to my headphones and have no other pressing worries for 45 minutes or so. Walk time also depended on weather. The hotter it got, the earlier I walked. But it was part of my weekday routine. And I have kind of missed it.

So today was my first walk of this year. And here are my thoughts on the occasion:

  • Ow. My everything hurts.
  • And it hasn’t been sunny and warm since 2007, so I felt a bit like I had just crawled out of a cave, blinking and unsure.

But it always feels so good to be DONE. My muscles and joints ache in that delicious feeling of a job well done. A shower is a luxurious reward. And when I crawl into bed tonight, I’ll be more tired than normal, and that is always nice.

And the nice thing about walking is, I can try to incorporate it into my daily routine once Mystery Baby is here. It’s something we can do to get out and about for a bit. Babies love to go for walks (well, the majority do… hopefully Mystery Baby will too). It calms them when they’re upset, it’s fun for them when they are bored. And as for mom, it’s a bit of fresh air and exercise and — be honest — stress relief. To get out and stop the crying, or get out and see something besides the four walls of your home, or just get out and clear your head and get perspective — it’s all a good thing.

So here’s to the first step of many, and many walks this year!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go soak my aching everything in a hot tub.

One thought on “Ow. Bright. Warm. Ow.

  1. GOOD ON YA’!

    OK, you have officially motived me to get off my tush and do the same.

    I also can’t wait to go walking with my baby – that will be extra motivation.

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