Gardening, Of Sorts

Today is The Day. Yes. I know you have been waiting for it all year, and it is finally here.

It is the day I plant my seeds for this year’s gardens!

Can you feel the excitement? I thought so.

Yesterday we ran some errands and BDH and I had to stop in at Canadian Tire. I mean, it was 15 degrees outside. It was sunny. Who wouldn’t want to start the gardening? So we searched high and low throughout the store until we found a tray of seed starters. We looked at packets of seeds to see what inspired us. (Nothing, really. We were searching for roma tomato seeds and there were NONE to be found.) And I decided today would be The Day.

So, seed starters on the table, I mapped out this year’s vegetable garden. I always overplant. The problem is, you always have to plant more seeds than you actually want in plants, in case some don’t make it. And when you buy already-established seedlings, you get flats of 4 or 6 or whatever. And I cannot bear to throw away a perfectly healthy seedling — so I end up finding space for them all. But there has been a decree of absolute certainty handed down from BDH this year: Only FOUR tomato plants. (HA. He’s got a hope!) Other than that, it’s up to me.

I have no idea what to do this year. Tomatoes, obviously. Roma, oxheart (the best for sandwiches!) and some sort of cherry tomato variety. Also, basil is a must, because I make pesto and we love to have garden-fresh pesto all year round. And we like green onions, and they take up little space, so that’s easy. I tried onions last year, but harvesting and storing them was an absolute disaster, so I don’t think we’ll do them again this year. And potatoes are usually easy, so maybe a few potatoes. But the rest? No idea.

I’ve also got to get my flowers started. I have wildflower mixes, and I like to get some of the flower seeds from out of the mix and plant them specifically if I can. Like calendula — the first couple of seasons I had the most glorious big orange and yellow calendula. I harvested the seeds, but forgot to label them. So now I have to search the internet to try to find pictures of the seeds. Also, there are things — insidious plants that take over the garden — that, while pretty, I definitely do NOT want in my wildflower mix, like cornflowers (also known as bachelors buttons), so I have to “weed” those seeds out. And coreopsis. I’ve had a buttload of coreopsis in years past and I want something else.

And we mustmustmust have cockscomb and cape daisies (the ever-gorgeous osteospermum — BDH likes the purple ones) and gazanias. In fact, any sort of daisy works. And of course, pansies are one of my favourites.

I also have to try to remember plant names from years past. Two years back, I had a planter that contained a flower whose name always escapes me. But it loves the sunshine, and it’s bright and multi-coloured, and kind of like a succulent — I love it. Anyway, I just left the planter alone over the winter, and last spring, I noticed that this particular flower had re-seeded itself. I was In. Heaven. So I got a bunch of the seedlings and transplanted them to the front garden. They were fantastic. But now, if they don’t re-seed again this year, I have to remember what it’s called so I can go find it again. (ED: I found it! It’s portulaca!)

I really need to start writing stuff down. Don’t you think?

So today, since BDH is away with friends Defending The World From The Forces Of Evil, I have the house to myself. It’s quiet and sunny. It’s the perfect day for starting my gardens.

But first, to the internet! I have research to do.

2 thoughts on “Gardening, Of Sorts

  1. PORTULACA are very nice.I had them for a few years back and as I remember they love hot sunny places and survive even if you don’t get around to watering them when you should. Good choice.

  2. Yes, I am really hoping they reseed themselves and we get more of them this spring! I have a multi-colour variety so you get all sorts of them — fuchsia, yellow, white, pink… They’re quite cheerful!

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