Friday Fun: Take That, Mother Nature

So, Friday Fun is late today, because I am peevish. Because — and I know you will be SHOCKED to hear this — IT IS SNOWING AGAIN. It won’t last. It started out big and fluffy and wet, and has turned bit ice pellety, and will probably be all melted by mid-afternoon… but that is Not. The. Point.

It is snowing. And I am underwhelmed.

So. Let’s move on to the Fun and try to cheer ourselves up, shall we? Let’s defy the weather. Let’s go with something fresh and springy and warm as a theme. Let’s just pretend that the snow I am seeing is an illusion fuelled by too little coffee.

So tell me:

  1. Lemon, lime or grapefruit?
  2. Crocuses, daffodils or tulips?
  3. Crocs, sandals or flip flops?
  4. Washing windows, pulling weeds or painting the house?
  5. Potato salad, pasta salad or cole slaw?
  6. Apple blossoms, forsythia or lilacs?
  7. Sidewalk chalk, bicycles or balls?
  8. Chaise, hammock or Muskoka chair?
  9. Grilled chicken, steak or fish?
  10. Wildflower mix, cut flower mix or something specific in my back garden? (And if you have some suggestions, I’d love to hear them.)

So there. Mother Nature may be a cranky old bee-otch this year, but I don’t care. I’m thinking of more pleasant things.

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Take That, Mother Nature

  1. 1. Lemon
    2. Daffodils
    3. That depends on what I am doing. Crocs around the yard, flip flops if there is no walking and sandals if there is.
    4. Oh gosh, aaaaaaah, washing windows. The others go on forever.
    5. No contest here potato salad.
    6. Since I’m from the Annapolis Valley that would be apple blossoms. They smell heavenly.
    7. Both granddaughters still like ball, so I will pick that one.
    8. I like the chaise but in Cuba I tried the hammock and quite liked it.
    9. Well it is Friday and you know what the answer will be.
    10. Have you tried the day lily? I have a beautiful yellow day lily that I think would look great with the cockscomb that I saw in your garden a few years ago. I think I will get some cockscomb this year.

  2. I forgot add a little bit of information for your “Take
    That, Mother Nature,” We raked the front lawn and the front flower garden today. It looks like spring may be on the way here. But my arms and back are saying we are not ready for this spring work yet. I won’t be able to move tomorrow but rain is on the way so I will have some time to recover before getting at it again.

  3. 1. Grapefruit – but they have to be the red ones.
    2. Tulips
    3. Sandals
    4. I would say pulling weeds because for me that means warm weather!
    5. I love cole slaw!
    6. Lilacs
    7. I like to see the kids play ball.
    8. All of them! but if I had to choose I would say the Muskoka chair.
    9. Grilled fish on the bbq is wonderful!
    10. I love wildflowers but the mixes never seem to work for me… I alwaygs get forget me nots. I think you have lots of sun in your backyard so anything goes for you!

  4. 1. Lime. There is no contest. Key limes are especially awesome and can be used to make my favourite pie.
    2. Crocusissies.
    3. Flip flops. Sandals if I haaaaave to. Crocs are evil.
    4. Painting the house. I hate washing windows and the chances of me winding up touching a gross bug is too high if I’m pulling weeds.
    5. They’re all equally icky.
    6. Forsythia!
    7. Bicycle. Useful for getting around.
    8. The hammock is superior.
    9. A big, dripping steak. Mmmmmm…
    10. Go for the wildflowers. Then you don’t have to bother with much in the way of maintenance.

  5. Okay, my turn!

    1. I love lime.
    2. Daffodils, particularly the narcissus ones — the white and yellow ones with the really heavy scent. I adore those.
    3. I think crocs, but that’s just because they are my gardening shoes.
    4. Hmmm. Let’s go with washing windows. Because it seems like the others are harder labour. And I am lazy.
    5. I have to say, I love a good homemade potato salad.
    6. Lilacs smell so pretty.
    7. Dude. I play volleyball. You make the call.
    8. I totally dig a good hammock.
    9. Fish. I love the fish.
    10. It’s a tough decision. It seems people are partial to wildflowers, but they’re tough to weed…

  6. 1. Lemon, so versatile.
    2. Crocuses, mine are up and that means spring!
    3. Flip flops, crocs, then sandals.
    4. Windows, the lesser evil of the three.
    5. Potato salad for sure.
    6. Lilacs smell incredible and sweet when you suck the flowers.
    7. Balls.
    8. Hammock, we have three… one double and two chair hammocks.
    9. Grilled chicken.
    10. I love glads and hollyhocks but can’t seem to grow them here. Maybe you could try them.

  7. I worked over 50 hours this week and then the majority of the weekend on photography shoots.

    I’m too tired to make a decision for myself so I’m going to say, “Ditto” to everything that *mutters eeny meeny miny moe* CAROLE said. (Congratulations to Carole on being selected as my official Friday decision maker on Sunday. *spattering of applause*)

  8. I know I am late for this but oh well –
    1. lime definitely
    2. tulips
    3. flip flops only all summer long
    4. washing windows
    5. Potato salad all the way
    6. Apple blossoms – pretty
    7. bicycles
    8. hammock and a glass of sangria 🙂
    9. Grilled chicken
    10. cut flower mix

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