The Do

I got my hair cut and coloured yesterday. So I share with you The Do:

Picture deleted, sorry. Too many searchers from Google showing up.

It looks quite red in this picture, but actually it’s a lot darker than it appears in the photo (when sunlight and a flash are not a factor). I kept the peekaboo highlights despite the fact that wearing my hair up in two ponytails gives me a peculiar skunk stripe on the back of my head. Such are the sacrifices of beauty, n’est-ce pas?

(I think I pulled a muscle taking this picture. I had to use our big-ass camera with the big-ass zoom lens on it and so I was holding my arm WAAAAY out while trying to push the button with my thumb…)

7 thoughts on “The Do

  1. I think, in retrospect, combing my hair before taking the picture might have been a good option.

    Oh well. You guys get the idea. 😀

  2. Beautiful! Gorgeous.

    Like I said, you should randomly look at yourself multiple times a day in the mirror JUST to validate yourself.

    *Mirror Glance* Yep. I look GOOOOOOOD.

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