Good doG, it’s a madhouse here this morning.

Technical support calls for BDH. Cat fights. A noisy washing machine. A yelling Opus. Telemarketers and other phone scams calling. A Very Bad Kitty who is running around like he’s hopped up on a bucket of caffeine.

It makes a person want to run away from home.

I think I will. I am going to run away and get my hair cut. And coloured. Three hours away from the madness. Can you imagine? It sounds like bliss.

A haircut is definitely a nice way to get away. A few hours of peace and quiet. But you can’t do that all the time.

I need a plan.

I want to learn cat hypnosis. So when they are driving me crazy I can just make them doze off. Although swinging a watch in front of a cat seems counterproductive. An invitation to play MORE.

I want to buy one of those old-fashioned rotary-dial phones. So when telemarketers call I can lift the receiver and put it right back down again. Ha HA! Take THAT! That will stop the endless useless phone calls.

I want to win a few million dollars. Then BDH won’t have to get support calls at home anymore. Heck, even if he did, we wouldn’t be here to hear them. We’d be in some tropical paradise on holiday.

Oh well. Looks like a haircut is going to have to do for now.

At least the time at the salon will relax me enough that I won’t be ready to slap someone when I stop in at the grocery store on the way home.

3 thoughts on “Madhouse

  1. Here’s what we do when telemarketers call…we tell them we are busy at them moment and ask them for their phone number at home so we can call them back when we are free – gets them every time 😉 (this clever scheme is thanks to a Seinfeld episode we saw)

  2. Okay, outrageous belly laugh going on here. Sometimes don’t ya just wanna SLAP someone silly at the grocery store. Now that would be stress relief.

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