Odd Assortment

Things to do today:

  • Make a quiche. (ED: I actually did make a quiche for breakfast this morning, with ham and swiss cheese and red pepper and a wee bit of Dijon mustard. It was, if I must say, quite tasty.)
  • Find a place for two large vinyl-y polyester-y clown suits. (Literally. Clown suits. For Halloween.) And two big Mad-Hatter-style pimpin’ hats that go with said big plastic-y clown suits.
  • Laundry.
  • Watch last two episodes of Jekyll. Because it is Teh Awesome. (And I have to admit I am now crushing on James Nesbitt just a little. Is that bad, considering he plays a madman?) Pleasepleaseplease let there be more.
  • Clean litter boxes.
  • Start shifting crap from the baby’s room.
  • Find storage and/or garbage space for the crap shifted from the baby’s room.
  • Not die of an asthma attack. (Why is my list so full of dusty things?)
  • Sort purchased baby clothes by size in newly emptied closet in baby’s room.
  • Put those eggs over there on the stove in the fridge.
  • Sing loudly.
  • Hang drapes.

4 thoughts on “Odd Assortment

  1. You have a good list – very ambitious. I hope you did more than just the 1st item. There are items on there that I should have done yesterday – but I DID do the last one – all my drapes are now hung – WOOT!

  2. Well, I did SOME of them.

    • The quiche? It was tasty. And I am going to make another one this week.
    • The clown suits are folded and ready for storage. I also have 3 plastic jack-o-lanterns and some bowls that need storing, so I think it’s time to start a Halloween box.
    • The laundry will have to wait for today.
    • Jekyll was AWESOME. I SO want them to make more episodes.
    • Some of the litter boxes got cleaned. (I mean, we have SEVEN, for goodness sake.) The rest I’ll get to today.
    • Crap is shifted. Well, SOME crap is shifted. Unfortunately, it’s shifted to places where it STILL has to be dealt with. And some of it we’re just going to pile in the garage and pay someone to come and haul away.
    • I didn’t die of asthma. Which is surprising. Also surprising? How much dust can accumulate in one room.
    • I passed up on sorting the baby’s clothes because they all will need to be tagged and washed eventually, and we have an armoire yet to assemble to put the glothes in, so I’ll do it then. But I did get them hung up for the time being. And cleaned out the closet (sort of), which involves throwing away a lot of clothes that I just won’t wear ever again.
    • Eggs got put away… but then taken out again, peeled, and chopped up for a salad for supper.
    • I sang some. I also listened to a BBC comedy podcast for most of the afternoon — not much singing but a fair few belly laughs.
    • Funnily enough, the drapes DID NOT get hung. So it’s a good thing YOU hung some, Haze. At least SOMEWHERE in the world, drapes were being hung. I don’t feel so bad, now.

    So how’s that?

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