Friday Fun: House and Home

Although it does not look much like it outside here, spring IS coming. And with that, minds turn to spring cleaning, and yardwork, and time outdoors. And so we have around here. I’ve begun to think about some long-overdue jobs that need to get done. I’m thinking about my garden and what I will do this year. I get endless calls from lawn-care companies (which I don’t pick up). So I think today’s Friday Fun will be all about stuff around the house.

Sometimes it’s nice to stick close to home.

  1. What’s your favourite smell to smell when you walk into the house?
  2. Name 3 types of flowers you have in your garden (if you have a garden).
  3. How many pairs of shoes are by your door right now?
  4. What brand of laundry soap do you use?
  5. What was the name of a pet you had when you were a child?
  6. What colours are the bedrooms in your house?
  7. Name 3 things you had/plan to have for dinner this week.
  8. What’s one thing you’d love to do/build/put in your yard?
  9. If you had friends over for brunch, what would you serve?
  10. Is it too late for me to start seeds for my garden?

I’ll check in later. Right now I need some coffee before I can tackle any chores at all.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: House and Home

  1. 1. My favourite smell is garlic because that means that there is something tasty happening in the kitchen!
    2. Tulips, crocuses and peonies.
    3. Too many! I think there are about 7 pairs of shoes or boots.
    4. I think right now we have sunlight.
    5. Trixie was a dog of ours.
    6. Well we have a purple bedroom and we have a yellow/green bedroom. The cartoon room is white with painted pictures of Goofy and the gang. I never could paint over it!
    7. Well we had soup, spagetti and chicken.
    8. I would love to have just a small hot tub in my backyard. I also want to put in a water feature but we don’t have any electrical outlets in the backyard so I don’t know how to do it. Solar power?
    9. Fresh fruit is a must and then it depends on the friends. Maybe bagels, cream cheese and salmon or an omlette with bacon and toast, pancakes and fresh maple syrop…anything!
    10. I don’t think so. Go for it!

  2. Everyone must be out enjoying the warm sunshine this weekend! So far it’s just you and me, Caroline!

    1. I love the smell of anything baking… cookies, breads… especially with cinnamon and spices.
    2. I have sweet Williams from Mom’s garden, honeysuckle and these great flowers that just showed up and now I forget the name.
    3. It’s a good day — there’s just one pair of BDH’s runners. We’re trying to get better at not using the foyer and storage.
    4. Tide. I think. Or maybe it’s PC brand? I forget.
    5. The first cat I remember was Snoopy. Poor old cat.
    6. All our bedrooms are builder’s white. Can you believe we’ve been in this house for something like 7 years and we have not painted it all yet? What a bunch of maroons.
    7. Last night we had grilled chicken, squash risotto, and corn and red pepper salsa. And it turned out really GOOD!
    8. I’d love to have a hammock under a couple of big trees. First we need the trees.
    9. Definitely I’d bake a lot of quick breads and muffins and bread, and probably have lots of fruit. And there’d be coffee and tea on the go, and juice… maybe I’d try and make some quiche… OH. Now I am HUNGRY.
    10. I sure hope not!

  3. 1. Definitely anything curry..especially red curry!
    2. Tulips, Crocuses and…..lots of shrubs that bloom!
    3. About 6 pairs
    4. Sunlight for sensitve skin
    5. Buster – my big, slobbery, loving St. Bernard
    6. Raw Steel (blueish color) and Bristol Biege (Brownish color)
    7. Chicken burgers on the bbq with corn and beans…aah summer is coming 🙂
    8. A swimming pool – I love to swim – but our yard is tooo small for a pool 🙁
    9. Fresh fruit salad, bread, juice and this really good ricotta and sundried tomato frittata I like to make…yum!
    10. Oh gardening makes my head hurt..but I don’t think so!

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