Lists and More Lists

I’m making lists.

It started out as one list. My grocery list. But — and I’ve noticed this happens fairly frequently with lists — this one list is morphing into a bunch of lists.

Soon I will need a list of lists.

I started by making a grocery list.  But then, to keep my grocery list organized and make sure I use whatever I buy after I buy it, I also had to make a list of the things I planned to cook with said groceries. And also, since our pharmacy is in the grocery store, I needed a list of things to get at the pharmacy, which were on the grocery list but then I realized there were enough things to warrant their own list. And I go to two different grocery stores, because some things are cheaper at one, and some are cheaper at another. Plus I have to swing by the vet’s office and get some stuff there. And don’t even get me started on the list of stuff I need to get at Canadian Tire.

And then I need a list of stops to make sure I do things in the correct order, so that frozen stuff isn’t sitting in the car melting while I do this and that and the other thing.

How does this happen? When did my grocery list become a mass of scribbles? All my lists are on one piece of paper. I can’t even tell where one list ends and another begins.

When I lived in Japan, I had a fridge that was literally the size of a filing cabinet drawer in a kitchen that was basically a hall closet without the door. And I had no transportation to and from the grocery store save my own two feet. So my list was never longer or more complex than what could be carried on a 20 minute walk from the grocery store and stored in a tiny wee space.

But this? This is getting out of hand.

It’s like planning a major military offensive to go out and get groceries nowadays. Lists, strategy, plans… And it’s not like I am buying tons of stuff. It’s just that I have different places to get things now, and I can be picky about where I buy stuff.

My husband says I shop like a mom.

I am beginning to think I shop like a lunatic.

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