Well, Hello Stranger!

One of the fun things about having a blog is seeing where people are visiting from. I love to look at my stats and see where everyone comes here from, and sometimes track back to their blogs or sites. It oftentimes leads to something interesting.

Like this past weekend, for example. I used to belong to an online community a couple of years back, until real life got too busy to keep up with it. So imagine my surprise to see so many people from there popping in here all of a sudden! Seems people must have been wondering where I had gotten to or something, or wanted to check and see what I was up to. There was a link from a thread in their new community, and suddenly here they all were. So hello, lurkers! I’m still here! (*waves to all*)

Another fun thing is seeing the random search engine links that bring people here. Imagine the disappointment when some fellow in Russia or Southeast Asia or middle of Europe somewhere, searching for porn, clicks in here expecting to find some decent nudie pictures and instead, finds pictures of cats everywhere and random chatter about food and baby stuff. I get a belly laugh out of it, but it serves me right for cussing and talking about being a boob and stuff. Search engines are NOT very smart.

I also have an incurable wanderlust, so just seeing where these people are coming from is fascinating. For awhile, I was big in Pennsylvania. Sometimes, I get a lot of visitors from the UK. The odd ones are generally from really cool places I have never been, like Kuala Lumpur and Israel and Finland, but alas, they are generally spambots and so don’t stay. But still. It makes my mind wander to far off places.

But my favourite, of course, are the links back to other blogs. I love finding sites of people who have common interests, like adoption or sports or whatever, who wander in here and read for awhile. Because when I click back on the link to where they came from, it’s often to find some great reading, some valuable information, or just another person out there in the world who shares something in common. It can lead to new friendships. It can be endless hours of fun.

Teh Internets. They really do make the world so much smaller.

7 thoughts on “Well, Hello Stranger!

  1. Dude. You KNOW you love it when the porn people come here, if only to figure out HOW. (Okay. Maybe that time I said “labialabialabia” DID send a few porn people on a wild goose chase. But otherwise? It’s a mystery.)

    But I am the first to admit, it’s not like getting an email from Death or Your Plasma TV. Because THAT? Is always my best. day. evah.

  2. My Plasma TV has been rather quiet lately. I suspect it’s up to something.

    As to the other?


    That’s right. I WENT there.

    Cause THAT? Is how I roll.

  3. Yeah, we miss you at that said community! 🙂 I was very happy to find out someone had the link to your blog!

  4. I love me some librarians. They are BAD. ASS.

    And dude, I am giddy with actual glee that I’m co-opting the Canadians. In my VERY OFFICE.

    So Wall. And also? Ah.

    Hi Kennedy! Welcome back to our general corner of the internet.

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