Friday Fun: More Random-y Meme Goodness!

Well now. Last week I got tagged by the most magical Nicky to do a “10 random things” meme. And since I don’t do a lot of social networking here on Teh Internets, I haven’t got a lot of bloggers I can tag.

But… I can tag you! (Especially those of you who don’t have blogs.) And since it’s a long weekend, it’s a nice easy thing to do for a Friday Fun.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: list 10 random things about yourself. Anything at all — just 10 things about you.

And since I got tagged first, I’ll start.

  1. My first bedroom was an awful shade of purple. Well, what do you expect a 4-year-old to choose? (And I wasn’t allowed to change it, so it stayed purple until I was long gone off to live on my own.)
  2. I own at least 4 black felt hats.
  3. I make kickass gingerbread cookies.
  4. Although I love music, I don’t enjoy “live” CDs. I don’t care to listen to other people enjoying a performance; I’d rather enjoy it myself.
  5. We haven’t managed to get any of our wedding photos framed and up on the wall yet, and it’s been a few years.
  6. When I was very small I was in the hospital for something, and I didn’t like the nurse. So I told her I wanted to be a squirrel, so I could run away from her.
  7. One of my least favourite things I have to do when doing chores around the house is cleaning up the little whisker bits that get left all around the bathroom sink after my husband shaves. It squicks me out. YUCK.
  8. Given all the flavours of ice cream in the world, I would probably still choose vanilla.
  9. I like cats that are “talkers”. I love it when my cats come up and chat with me.
  10. My first car was totalled in a car accident.

Okay, your turn!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: More Random-y Meme Goodness!

  1. As for the whisker bits thing…..there is a very STRONG rule in our house about that. It didn’t take long for Bruce to figure out that it wasn’t worth it to leave the whisker bits for me to see…I had a wee bit of a freak out!

  2. 1. This is no secret but I love warm climates.
    2. I make a great turkey dinner. At lest I have been told that.
    3. I am looking forward to becoming a senior this fall.
    4. I love my family dearly.
    5. I do not like to be in the limelight for reasons that I am sure most of us know.
    6. I used to dye my hair but now I say why fight it. I’m getting up there in age.
    7. My parents brought up 10 children so I am comfortable around large crowds.
    8. My first car was also totaled but ask BDH about that.
    9. I also have lots of pictures that have not been hung on the wall. They just seem to grow and now I have lots of them on the floor waiting to be hung somewhere.
    10 I really want to redo the rec room but hubby wants it to be his and left the way it is. I have been known as the peace maker so I don’t know who will win out on this one.

  3. 1. I like my drinking water to be room temperature. Ice water is gross.
    2. I could eat my not-inconsiderable body weight in Peeps.
    3. I took jazz for a few years as a child. Despite this, I still can’t dance.
    4. I prefer my inlaws to my own family.
    5. One of our cats is the size of a smaller beagle.
    6. I, uh, don’t spend as much time on them there Internets as I used to. Hi!
    7. I love grocery shopping, then coming home and organizing the pantry. LOVE it.
    8. I’m a huge Tom Jones fan. I go to see him in concert and everything.
    9. I still don’t know how to drive.
    10. I like the smell of bleach.

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