Hey Beautiful Day

The sun is brilliant today. It’s a warm, quiet Sunday. The Big Damn Hero left early to go and Save The World From Evil for the day with a bunch of his friends, which he does bytimes on a Sunday. So it’s just me and the mob. And they are cats so they are sleepy.

So. What’s a girl to do?

Well, first thing: make a big pot of coffee. And make sure there’s some lovely French vanilla creamer to put in it.

Head upstairs to the attic, where all the fun stuff is. Since there’s no one to share with but the cats, you can watch any movie you want, or flop down on the couch, or get out your knitting and have yarn and stuff everywhere, or whatever you want.

Open a window for yourself, and the curtains for the cats, so there are some lovely sunbeams in which to nap.

Then (since you spent a couple of hours vacuuming yesterday) take your coffee and sit in the newly-cat-hair-free comfy chair.

Open iTunes.

Play music as loud as you want. DANCE PARTY!

Skip the ballad-y type songs. (We don’t need your ballads here, sensitive boy!) Something to get the cats dancing and singing, perhaps.

Take a big, deep swig of coffee.

Stand at the window.

Look out at the melting snow and smell the spring in the air.



2 thoughts on “Hey Beautiful Day

  1. Oh joy, oh bliss, oh peace and quiet. I spring cleaned my dinning room. Okay, where’s the coconut rum??

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