Friday Fun: Would You Rather

Well since yesterday’s post is inspiring everyone to make good choices, here are a few choices for you.

Would you rather…

  1. …learn to belly dance or learn a martial art?
  2. …spend $1000 at Ikea or at Home Depot?
  3. …dig ditches or collect garbage?
  4. …visit the Louvre or visit the Pyramids?
  5. …have your eyesight or your hearing?
  6. …learn to play the ukelele or the flute?
  7. …be locked in a candy store or a bakery over the weekend?
  8. …snorkel or go surfing?
  9. …chop 5 pounds of onions or peel 5 pounds of potatoes?
  10. …buy me a new hat or a new shirt?

Some easy ones, some tough ones… But no sitting on the fence. You have to choose one or the other!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Would You Rather

  1. 1. Belly dance.
    2. Ikea.
    3. Collect Garbage.
    4. Pyramids.
    5. Eyesight.
    6. Flute.
    7. being diabetic, the bakery, at least it seems the lesser of two evils.
    8. Snorkel.
    9. 5 lbs of potatoes, since I do that anyway everytime I feed hubby potatoes.
    10. I am not a hat person, so..a new shirt, your choice.

  2. 1. Belly dance. It sounds like less work.
    2. Home Depot. I need some things to redo our rec room.
    3. Dig ditches. But I don’t know why I would do that.
    4. Louvre. I would like to see some great paintings.
    5. Eyesight. At least I could read lips or sign language.
    6. Ukulele. I could strum along with Dad.
    7. Bakery. With lots of cinnamon buns.
    8. Snorkel. I will try this next week in Cuba.
    9. No contest. Peel potatoes. It is much easier on the eyes.
    10. How about a new hat for gardening you said you didn’t like the one you had last year.

  3. 1. Belly Dance….it looks so cool.
    2. Ikea….there are soooooo many thing there that I would love to buy for our home as well as for the future little ones.
    3. Pick garbage…..then you get to save all the bottles and cans and return them for $$$$.
    4. Pyramids
    5. Eyesight….mind you if I couldn’t see my cottage cheese a**, that wouldn’t be a bad thing, although I could probably still hear it jiggling around even if I couldn’t see it!
    6. Ukulele
    7. Bakery….I am such a carbs girl…..hence the cottage cheese a**
    8. Snorkel….I would probably get too frustrated trying to surf.
    9. Peel potatoes….I cry like a baby when I cut onions.
    10. New shirt to show off your super yoga toned bod!

  4. Would you rather…

    1. I’d like to learn to belly dance. Who wants to join me?
    2. Right now it would be Ikea. I have my eye on this island for my kitchen and that would be about right.
    3. For how long? I have done both and I must admit I would prefer to dig ditches.
    4. I have been to the Louvre but not the Pyramids so the Pyramids it is!
    5. You know I am so thankful that I have both and I don’t like to even think about losing one of them.
    6. I think the ukelete would win.
    7. The bakery because there should be running water. The candy stores that I have been in don’t have that!
    8. I love snorkeling but I would like to try surfing.
    9. Potatoes all the way. I can’t stand cutting up onions. They leave a smell on my hands and they make me cry. Besides my relatives are all potatoe farmers!
    10. I think that you should get a new shirt.

  5. Good morning peeps! It’s my turn:

    1. I’d learn to do a martial art. For starters, I think martial arts are cool. And B), I don’t want anyone seeing my belly.
    2. I’d spend it Home Depot so we could get the stinking patio done once and for all. And start the basement, too.
    3. I think digging ditches sounds less smelly.
    4. Tough to choose, but I think I’d go to the Louvre.
    5. I’d rather have my hearing. I’d die if I could not listen to music.
    6. I think the ukelele has a bigger “cool” factor than the flute does.
    7. DUDE. I am all about the tasty baked goods.
    8. Both of them involve being in the water where fish are. And I, as you know, am afraid of fish. So I will say surfing because then there’s a chance I can stand up out of the water and away from the fish.
    9. I hate peeling potatoes. I’d do it, but I’d hate it.
    10. A new hat for gardening would not go amiss right now. Although, who doesn’t love a new shirt?

  6. 1. tough one…I’d say martial art so I have some sort of self-defense course
    2. definitely Ikea. you can buy way more things with $1000
    3. collect garbage-I think that would be easier on my back
    4. Louvre…and drink French wine and eat French cheese..yummm
    5. eyesight…I would just email and text more.
    6. flute..there is nothing cool about a ukulele..sorry
    7. a bakery..chances are they would have a coffee maker
    8. surfing but sitting on the board like a boat
    9. definitely eyes run like a facet every time I chop onions
    10. new many cute ones out there and I am not a hat person

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