Because BDH asked to see them, here are some pictures from the frosty morning we woke up to.  (Also, there’s nothing much going on but my trip to the sleep clinic this morning and, well, who cares.)

Thick, fluffy frost on everything — I think the thick fog last night just froze to everything. On days like this, it’s hard to be cheesed at winter.

Before the sun…

frost 1

frost 2

(See our SUV in the bottom right corner? Compared to the giant snowbanks? Nutty.)

And after the sun came out…

frost 3

frost 4

frost 5

frost 7

frost 6

4 thoughts on “Frosty

  1. Beautiful shots, indeed. Winter can be very pretty but dang it can also be dangerous, messy, muddy, slushy, and downright TOO DARN LONG!!! I can’t wait to see some shots of your backyard blooming into spring.

  2. So, I’ve looked at all of the pictures and I’ve decided that…..

    I’m coming to visit you in SUMMERTIME.

    Or, perhaps early fall. Or, you know… anytime when it isn’t SNOWING LIKE THAT.

    Dude. Hope you had plenty of tasty beverages and tasty snacks on hand.

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