(Sing along with me! Oh, never mind.)

So here’s the snow. Not northern New Brunswick or Sault Ste Marie type snow, by any stretch of the imagination. But in this neck of the woods, it’s a fair bit. (Especially since I had to shovel it.)

Bear in mind it was warm and sunny all day yesterday, so this is after some melting.

Note the tree, artistically buried in the snowbank…

snow 1

Looking down the street, sidewalk tunnel all the way.

snow 2

Up the street. Soon we’ll be storing snow IN the trees, as opposed to just AROUND them.

snow 3

Bottom of the driveway. The pile is cleared from our driveway, or at least one side of it. Our neighbour’s front yard is under that pile somewhere.

snow 5

Bottom of the driveway at the street. That’s just the snow from the sidewalk to the street — only about 10 feet distance. I couldn’t put the snow up any higher.

snow 4

One of these days… SNOWBLOWER, baby.

9 thoughts on “SnowSnowSnowSnowSNOW!

  1. That is a fair bit of snow!! I’m glad we had the southerly wind that day. As Sherri said we didn’t get any snow from that storm but we did get rain. The bottom half of our street was closed due to flooding and with the tide coming in we thought for a time it may go over the main highway as well. I was told not to put the shovel away yet so I will pass that little tidbit on to you.

  2. WOW! that is incredible… crazy!
    I have to say i’ve been reading your blog forever, but never comment. I enjoy it. I hope that your referral is coming right away and look forward to celebrating with you. When did your dossier actually go to Ethiopia. I tried looking, but thought asking would be easier! I’m lazy 🙂

  3. You Nova Scotians sound like you had more than enough precipitation — even if it wasn’t snow!

    Sandi — thank you! I’m glad you have been enjoying it. Lurking is cool, but commenting is great! Our file went to Ethiopia mid-October. So by our agency’s latest estimations, we’re about a month past when we were supposed to be getting a referral (you know, those “guesstimates” they make. A rough average, I guess). So we’ve been on tenterhooks for weeks now!

  4. er, well from what I can see of ’em, you live on a street of very attractive houses! How’s that for looking on the bright side? 🙂

  5. YIKES!!! You weren’t kidding about the snow!
    We could use at least 1/2 of that here… is soooo dry.
    Thanks for sharing the picures!

  6. Wow, those pics were worth waiting for. You’ll soon have to start sneaking the snow over to “The Mayor’s” front lawn. 🙂 Or next year you could snowblower it that way.

  7. Hee hee hee! That’s a FAB idea!

    The Mayor and his wife were dumb enough to GO OUT while all this was happening — while we were essentially in the middle of a blizzard. And came home to find their second car COMPLETELY covered. There was a car-shaped lump of snow in the driveway.

    With a little snowblower action, we could bury the whole HOUSE!

  8. I laugh SO HARD at you!!!!


    Have you seen our spring pics on our blog (sorry, not at the top, since they were 2 weeks ago!)


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