5 thoughts on “Just So You Know, Part 2

  1. I would actually love to see a picture. We have no snow here at all. We have been getting the warm fronts of all your storms and are almost floating over here from all the rainfall. Then again, Nova Scotia IS almost an island.

  2. Well maybe I’ll head outside tomorrow and take some pictures. It was 2 hours just shovelling out our tiny little driveway this morning. Part of the problem is that we’ve just run out of places to put the snow. You can only go up so far, too.

  3. HA HA HA…..that looks like me the morning after I decided it’s easier to just finish the bottle of wine than it is to recork the bloody thing!
    If I could, I would GLADLY take some of your snow. We’ve been able to see our lawn pretty much all winter.

  4. I saw some pictures from northern New Brunswick last night on the Weather Network and they could barely get the snow out of the little mouse runs they had made for themselves. It was higher than the man shoveling AND the shovel. Cars were completely buried except for their mirrors, and you could hardly see house windows because the snow was so high. It is amazing to me to see this much snow when one province over we have nothing at all. It doesn’t look like spring yet because everything is still frozen, but I have had enough of winter even without the snow. The freezing rain and slush makes for a very dangerous winter. Can’t wait to see some pics of your snow amount.

  5. Well, it’s certainly nothing like northern New Brunswick — but for us, it’s a significant amount. We don’t generally get that much snow. Freezing rain, yes. But we just don’t tend to get significant snowfalls where we are. It mostly blows over us and lands on Buffalo. (God bless Buffalo for taking all our snow. 🙂 )

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