Friday Fun: The Other Half

What, you didn’t think I’d just start a list and not finish it, did you? No way, man. I told you — I’m making lists these days. And crossing stuff off, too.

You don’t want to leave me with a half-done list, do you? So you have to decide:

  1. Moon or Mars?
  2. Nocturnal or not?
  3. Olives or oranges?
  4. Platypus or panda bear?
  5. Quantity or quality?
  6. Round or rectangular?
  7. (The) Sound of Music or South Pacific?
  8. Tutu or toga?
  9. Urban or undiscovered?
  10. Venice or Vienna?
  11. Wine or whiskey?
  12. Xylophone, Yueqin, or Zither? (HA! Making you work for this one!)

Phew. Another job well done.

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Other Half

  1. 1. Moon.
    2. Not!
    3. Oranges definitely.
    4. Panda Bear.
    5. Quality for sure.
    6. Interesting…..round, don’t ask me why.
    7. Sound of Music.
    8. Toga, toga, toga…you do not want to see this butt and these legs in a tutu.
    9. Hmmm, another good question. I love the conveniences of urban but the quietness, peace, and thrill of discovery of undiscovered. So,I guess undiscovered.
    10. Vienna.
    11. Neither,but if I have to choose, wine.
    12. Ha yourself. I had to do research on this one but definitely the Xylophone. Especially since MadDawn is so good at banging away on one. Have to support the kids you know.

  2. 1. Moon alto Mars bars are delicious.
    2. Not. Used to be but not anymore.
    3. Olives in the evening and oranges in the morning.
    4. Panda Bear
    5. Quality, even if you are talking about chocolate.
    6. Round. Why? I don’t know!!!!
    7. South Pacific. Because it is warmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    8. Toga
    9. Undiscovered. We went to Halifax the other day and could not wait to get back home.
    10. Either one. Both sound nice so could go for either one.
    11. Do I have to spell it out, WINE!!!!!!!!!I’m sure you know.
    12. Well Grandma has to support the little ones as well. Alto I’m glad it is not in my home. But being a grandma I’m sure it would sound like I had a little Mozart in my home.

  3. 1. Well I will take a mars bar over a moon pie
    2. Not
    3. Olive in my martini please
    4. Panda Bear
    5. Quality
    6. Round
    7. Sound of Music
    8. Tutu
    9. Undiscovered but with a toilet!
    10. That is a tough one but I think that I will have to go with Vienna
    11. Wine
    12. Xylophone – didn’t everyone have one as a child!

  4. My turn!

    1. The Moon, because it is pretty
    2. Nocturnal. Definitely. I am allergic to morning.
    3. Tough call. I will say… olives. Because a pizza with green olives would be AWESOME right about now.
    4. Platypus. So CUTE!
    5. Quality. Like Mom says, especially chocolate. Although there is a lot to be said for having a whole whackload of cheap chocolate around when it’s PMS time.
    6. Hm. Let’s say rectangular, because I am tired of being round.
    7. The Sound of Music. Who doesn’t love The Julie?
    8. There was a time when I would have favoured tutu. But now, I’m all about covering as much as possible. So I’ll say toga.
    9. Undiscovered. I’m tired of the urban. Even if it is just the sub-urban.
    10. Venice. I’ve always wanted to go. Although I hear it smells.
    11. Wine. Although a little Irish whiskey in the coffee…. yum…
    12. I will say zither, because it’s a funny word.

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