Bonus Baby Bedding Bargains

(How’s that for a tongue twister?)

I had good plans for this week, I really did. I had a LIST. And yet, it’s Thursday, and the list still has some things on it. And I have to admit, some of the things remaining on the list are baby-related.

Why is it so hard to get motivated to do anything for this adoption? Is it because we’ve been in limbo for so long? Probably.

I just can’t seem to get going on any of the projects I need to get done. Without any end to the waiting, there’s just no impetus to do anything. If we get a referral someday, maybe that’ll push us to do something. But until then, we’re just in this no man’s land — or rather, no baby land — and so there are other things that move up the priorities list.

I’ve got to clean out the baby’s room, which is right now just a storage room, and get things organized. I have to paint and carpet-clean and get curtains washed and put up. I have to get furniture assembled, as right now there’s a crib and an armoire in pieces, leaning up against the wall. But with the endless waiting, there also feels like there’s endless time to do this stuff. And besides, it’s hard to believe there’s ever going to be anyone to sleep in there anyway. We’ve just been waiting so long, it doesn’t feel real anymore. There’s certainly no urgency.

Although last week, I did do a little baby-related shopping. My grocery store used to have a line of baby clothes and gear, and it slowly discontinued it. So while it was phasing it out, and prices periodically dropped, I would buy stuff. Shirts, pants, sheets… just a couple at a time. I mean, they were not the highest quality stuff — just kind of generic everyday things — but they’d be great for play clothes and everyday wear. So I got a few.

Well, last week, they had dragged a rack of them back out. I guess they never did get rid of all of them, and they were marked down ridiculously low. 2-packs of undershirts and snap-up diaper shirts were on for $2.50. Same with the fitted flannel sheets. So… I bought a buttload of each. Something like 12 undershirts in 6-12 mo. size and 12 in 12-18 mo. size. And I bought a few sheets too. And a fleece blanket. I mean, you can’t have enough of that sort of stuff, right? With the peeing and the barfing and the general babyness, you’ll need more than just a pretty bedding set. So why not get some extra sheets? And a blankie? And for $2.50 apiece, it’s a steal.

So today, it’s another cold Thursday morning, and the snow is falling. Thursday is normally grocery day around here, but I was considering putting it off because I just didn’t want to go out into the cold and clear off my car and all that nonsense. I thought I’d spend the day catching up on that list that did not get done, sweeping and mopping and hemming curtains and doG knows what else.

But then I thought of the undershirts.

They might be on clearance still. I could get a few more, right?

So, I may not be terribly motivated to get the baby’s room ready. But I can sure as heck get motivated for a great bargain, and pick up more stuff to clutter up the room until I am ready to tackle it.

6 thoughts on “Bonus Baby Bedding Bargains

  1. Ah.. the first to comment this morning!

    You know why?

    Because I too am avoiding cleaning out the kids’ room!!!! lol

    It’s a random pile of junk. OK, not so random – most of it is kid stuff and much of it is linens that have to go into the closet I really should be cleaning. And here are a coupple of boxes of who knows what that haven’t been opened since our October move. (Really since May, then.)

    Shopping sounds MUCH better.

    But instead, I think I’ll have a shower and make myself presentable for the random mail lady and hang up some drapes.

    See ya later –

  2. I hear that.

    I went a LEETLE crazy again today — all good things, though. More undershirts, because really, kids live in those snap up undershirts and diapers. And there was a big sale on at the grocery store so I got bottles, drop in liners, nipples, wipes (which will always be good around here, for baby and for my CPaP!), and some diaper cream. Among other things.

    There are also onesies on sale at another branch of this particular chain, so I might have to go out again tomorrow…

    That is, IF IT DOESN’T &^%#&*^#$@ING SNOW.

  3. “…the peeing and the barfing…”

    You crack me up!

    I sooo relate to the inertia that sets in – and I’ve been waiting less time than you. I think you nailed the causes on the head though.

    You’ve done some great bargain shopping though – that’s an accomplishment. You won’t be scrambling for that stuff (at full price) at the last minute.

  4. Haze —

    I totally will be scrambling for stuff. For I haven’t got any real CLOTHES for Mystery Baby yet. (Well, unless you count running around in undershirts and a diaper CLOTHES. Which I think the social worker will NOT.) Since Mystery Baby is of indeterminate age, size, and gender, I’ve been afraid to clothes shop.

    Also I am guessing there’s going to be something BIG and OBVIOUS that I’ve forgotten that I absolutely NEED. Which I’ll no doubt have to send BDH out for as I stand in the middle of the living room holding the baby and waiting for it on our first day home.

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