Monday Morning Musings

It’s Monday. Another week begins.

  • I have generally been open to trying new foods, within reason. Lately it’s been cooking (obviously) and trying different fruit. And this weekend’s cooking experiment goes hand in hand with trying papaya for the first time, as I found last night that papaya is ass.
  • The earth is tilting once more toward the sun, and despite the fact that it is still winter, bit by bit the snowbanks are succumbing to the sun. We had rain this morning, and now the sun’s out, making piles of snow everywhere wither and shrink. Things are melty and dripping outside. This bastard winter is on it’s way out, slowly but surely.
  • Yesterday Canada lost one of her great young musicians in Jeff Healey. Godspeed, man.
  • I decided yesterday that lists are in order around here. I have been trying to work without a list for some time, and I have to say that I am a person who needs a list. Without it, things get missed. (Who am I kidding? Even WITH a list things get missed.) But BDH has been asking me about things I have neglected to do or buy or whatever on a near-constant basis this week, and it’s starting to make me feel like a failure. So it’s time to start making lists again. Also, there’s a great feeling of accomplishment to check things off a list.
  • Last night I came downstairs in the dark to get something (my list, actually, if you must know) and I happened to glance out the back window. There, behind the fence, there was a deer laying down under a tree, resting and sheltering from the rain. You could see her against the white of the snow, just chillin’. I got the binoculars and looked at her for awhile. (Kelly: I bet it was Charleston.)
  • My cat Opus is a food-seeking missile. She won’t eat what she is supposed to eat, but she’ll cut you for whatever YOU’RE eating. And she’s such a tiny little mite, it’s hard to keep any weight on her. But I got sneaky last night, and spread a teaspoonful of forbidden tasty regular cat food over her prescription cat food. She just about killed me to get to the bowl last night, and ate it all. And now she feels all jaunty because she thinks she pulled a fast one on me and ate forbidden cat food all stealth-like.
  • It looks like a day for pumpkin bread.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings

  1. I am sure you feel similar to me on Mondays and starting a new week….the weekends I find are kind of a nice break from the whole adoption hell.
    BTW, I love how you say it like it is…”papaya is ass”….you make me laugh every day….thanks for that!
    Oh that little Opus…she reminds me of my little Mackenzie….sure thinks she’s smart, hey?

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