Friday Fun: Simple

Today’s Friday Fun is simple. Organized. Clean. All the things that my house is NOT right now. So I suspect I should be able to spend more time cleaning today, yes?

(BAH. That’s no fun. Fridays are supposed to be for fun!)

Well, at least there’s a little fun to be had. Time to choose!

  1. Apples or avocados?
  2. Britain or British Columbia?
  3. Cats or canaries?
  4. Dancing or doodling?
  5. Elevators or escalators?
  6. File folders or fridge magnets?
  7. Greece or Germany?
  8. History or how-to?
  9. Ice cream or Irish coffee?
  10. Judo or jogging?
  11. Kangaroos or koalas?
  12. Lavender or lilies?

I’ll come back and check after I’m back from grocery shopping. And have some vacuuming done. And maybe cleaned the bathrooms.

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Simple

  1. 1. For today, Apples
    2. British Columbia
    3. Cats
    4. Dancing
    5. Escalators
    6. Fridge magnets
    7. Greece
    8. How-to
    9. Ice cream
    10. Judo
    11. Kangaroos
    12. Lilies

  2. 1. Apples.
    2. British Columbia.
    3. Cats.
    4. Dancing.
    5. Elevators.
    6. File folders.
    7. Greece.
    8. How-to.
    9. Irish Coffee.
    10. Jogging.
    11. Lillies.

    Okay, I get it…a,b,c,d, etc. Cute!

  3. 1. Apples
    2. British Columbia
    3. If I have to choose(as long as I don’t have to have them in my home)Cats
    4. Dancing with my grandchildren
    5. Escalators
    6. File folders are neater
    7. Greece (hands down)
    8. How to
    9. Irish Coffee
    10. I don’t like your choices. How about Just walking
    11. I like both. Take your pick.

  4. avocados…mmmm, guacomole
    British Columbia..holidays
    Cats…yes, but they make me sneeze
    Dancing…2 step or dirty??
    escalators…never been good at getting off them
    fridge magnets…too many!
    how-to…handsome or handy??
    Irish coffee..with extra Bailey’s
    jogging…but not enough lately!
    Kangaroos or koalas…either – never seen a real one
    Lavender or lilies…neither – they’ll make me sneeze too

    Happy Saturday to ya! (Or Friday – hope the cleaning went well)

  5. My turn!

    1. I think today I am going to go with avocados, because I also love guacamole. Unless we’re talking Japanese apples, then…
    2. Britain. Absolutely no question.
    3. Cats or canaries? You’re kidding me right?
    4. I love a good dance party.
    5. Escalators have much less chance of plummeting towards earth. Just sayin’.
    6. I love a good fridge magnet. I know with the mess around here I should embrace the file folders, but…
    7. Greece.
    8. History. I am listening to lots of history podcasts.
    9. Ice cream. It’s my favourite food.
    10. Judo. I’ve never done judo, but jogging? Is ass.
    11. Kangaroos. I love the kangaroos.
    12. Lilies. Another thing I learned to love while in Japan. Not so fond of the red beetles who eat lilies, though.

  6. Why should that be you ask? I just got back from a getaway and am not into the swing of things. I also had the girls here this morning and after going through the counting bit with Maddie(about a million times) I got a little bit confused. She only goes one, two, one, two,another one,another one. I guess my mind got stuck in a grove. Now you are saying another one.
    I think I need a nap.
    11. Koalas are cute

  7. 1. Apples, although I do LOVE guacamole.
    2. British Columbia only because I’ve never been to Britain.
    3. Definately cats but I can’t have any more after my last two (sniffle sniffle) cuz I’m married to a man with cat allergies.
    4. Give me a few drinks and all of a sudden I’m “Dancing with the Stars” or at least I think I am.
    5. Hubby is scared of elevators (don’t tell him I told you) so we are always stairs (or escalators) but I really do like elevators….they’re fun.
    6. File folders….my fridge is too covered wtih pictures drawn by my nieces.
    7. Greece
    8. How-to
    9. Definately ice cream!
    10. If I had to pick I guess I would go with jogging but uh poor choices!!!!
    11. Koalas…they are so cute and kangaroos kinda freak me out.
    12. Lilies

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