A Little Bit of Random

Some random for you today:

  • Apparently it’s possible to have a phone number with all zeros. Even the area code is 000. You know how I know this? Because whoever it is calls me every. flipping. day.
  • There’s a product samples lady in my grocery store who has been sent to me from heaven. The first time she was there, she offered the tastiest tomatoes ever. But the next time? DARK CHOCOLATE. And she gave me 3 pieces.
  • Everyone has their limit. BDH’s came shortly after looking at the massive pile of dirty dishes on the counter on Sunday night, after having washed dishes by hand for the past 2 months. And he threw up his hands in surrender and called a repairman to come look at our dishwasher. Or we’ll replace it, whatever is a more reasonable cost.
  • Because of this past point? BDH is my hero.
  • I no longer believe we are actually in the process of adopting. It’s just been too long a wait. I think what’s happened is that I’ve just had a really elaborate dream. And I’ll wake up and Bobby Ewing will be in my shower alive and well. And he’ll tell me it’s all been a dream. And that I shot J.R. And Mr. Burns, too. AND the sheriff. (But, as you may have guessed, I did not shoot the deputy. Phew.)
  • I drank the last of my Bailey’s in a mug of coffee the other night. I feel remorse. For it would be nice to have coffee and Bailey’s right now.
  • Doing a couple of gentle classes of yoga is sometimes just as good as doing one of the classes where Chaz kicks my ass.
  • It is not possible to get tired of A Year in Provence. Or if it is, it’s certainly not after the first several hundred viewings, because we watched it again on the weekend and loved it just as much as always.
  • Even 6 months later, I’m still totally grateful to BDH for buying me an iPod for my birthday and introducing me to the addictive world of podcasts.
  • I’m in the mood to eat something. Something hearty. When I figure out what it is, I’ll get back to you.

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Random

  1. I just made a large pan of manicotti today and it smells divine. We are going to visit my sister and I wanted to make something so she could have the day off from cooking. Fresh rolls as well. There is another pan of them ready to go in the freezer so if you hurry I could save some for you.

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