Friday Fun: Here. Have This.

Here’s a chance for you to use your imagination a bit. If someone gave you each of the following things, what would you do with it?

If someone gave you…

  1. an additional $100 in your bi-weekly budget
  2. a pound of fresh blueberries
  3. a pirate hat
  4. a notebook and a new pen
  5. 100 kilos of sand
  6. a CD of oldies music
  7. a gift certificate for $100 at a hardware store
  8. a packet of seeds, type unknown
  9. 10 pounds of uncooked pasta
  10. a laundry basket full of Lego
  11. a website/blog

…what would you do with each of them?

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Here. Have This.

  1. 1. Hmmmm, an extra $200/month, start spiffing up my house and decorating it how I want it to look.
    2. That’s easy, wash them up, put some sugar or spenda on them, and let Autumn go to it. Blueberries don’t last long enough in my house to actually do anything with them. Although when I bought 10 lbs of them I actually made a lovely splenda blueberry pancake syrup.
    3. Pirate hat – put it in the playroom for the kids to play with me hardy!
    4. Start making new to do lists.
    5. That might be enought to make a sandbox underneath the playset.
    6. Start singin’
    7. Oooh, hardware store…buy some kitchen pantries for storage.
    8. Sow them inside in a window box and watch with the kids to see what comes up!
    9. How about some pasta art.
    10. Invite BDH over to play as they were probably his in the first place.
    11. Heaven only knows, I seem to be particularly opinionated so I could probably tick a few people off.

  2. 1. Hard to say, I’ve so little time to spend it. Most likely I would spend it on goodies for the kids.
    2. Muffins!!!
    3. I would dress the dictator in her fussiest girly dress and put the hat on her for a pirate princess picture.
    4. Doodle. And let the dictator draw in it.
    5. Dump in in the frame around the playscape.
    6. I’m not a fan of oldies, really, so it would likely end up on the shelf gathering dust.
    7. New blinds.
    8. Plant them.
    9. Yummm. Cook.
    10. We have one already.
    11. Apparently, not near as much as I should.

  3. 1. I am boring but I would say that I would put that towards my line of credit so that I can save for a new bathroom!
    2. Make some pies! pancakes and freeze some of them. I then take the frozen blueberries and add milk and a bit of sugar and I’m in heaven!
    3. Another one! Well I would get out my hook and eye patch and go to a party!
    4. Put it with the other ones that I have.
    5. Well the cats would love it but I would have to give it to my neighbours so that they could build a sandbox.
    6. Listen to them.
    7. Put it towards my new bathroom vanity or get a new mailbox – I have it picked out and it is $100.
    8. Start planting them for the summer.
    9. Have a party!
    10. Boy these neighbours of mine are going to be happy!
    11. I would probably give it to you because you do such a great job!

  4. Here’s mine:

    1. I’d hire a cleaning lady to come in. Just for that extra little bit of help. It would be wonderful. And the rest of the money would go to bills.
    2. I’d make a batch of muffins for BDH and then snack on the rest. Or have them with yogurt.
    3. Dude. I’d totally wear it. Or give it to BDH.
    4. I’d start a book that we can use to track little bits of our everyday life.
    5. Make a sandbox in case we ever have a child.
    6. DANCE PARTY!!
    7. Buy paint for the baby’s room. Or a new coffeemaker.
    8. Plant them and watch them grow!
    9. Donate it to the food bank.
    10. Keep some, and donate the rest to the local women’s shelter
    11. I dunno. Probably write a lot of silly stuff that nobody reads. 😉

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