Friday Fun: Colour Me Bored

As you well know… I am NOT a fan of The Winter. I’m Up To Here with shovelling snow and more shovelling snow. I’ve had enough of the storm and melt and storm and melt winter we’ve been having. Everywhere I look is…WHITE. I am TIRED of the WHITE.

So in today’s Friday Fun we need to liven things up a bit! Get some colour everywhere!

Here goes:

  1. Name 2 pieces of clothing you own that are red
  2. Tell me your 3 favourite yellow foods
  3. What colour is your car?
  4. Name 3 things you can see right now that are green
  5. What kind of photographs do you prefer: black and white, colour or sepia?
  6. What colour tastes the best?
  7. What colour is the trim on your house?
  8. Tell me 3 pretty blue things
  9. What colour are your eyes?
  10. I need to start knitting a baby blanket. What colour(s) should I choose?

A splash of colour here, some thing bright there… ooh, things are looking better already.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Colour Me Bored

  1. 1) Panties (is that getting a little too personal???) and pajamas.
    2)Corn, bananas, and pasta (I figure that’s close enough to yellow)
    3)Green is my piece of sh*@ car and white is our suv.
    4)my mittens, some safeway texas hold ’em entry cards, a ball cap.
    5)All three, just depends on the picture.
    8)ocean water, eyes, fish
    10)red, yellow, and green….guess why

  2. 1) the sweatshirt I am currently wearing, plus a pair of Xmas socks.
    2) bananas, pineapple, corn
    3) black
    4) plants, area rug, my adoption p/work holder
    5) I really love black & white photography
    6) pink (candy, berries)
    7) black & white
    8) the sky, I love blue flowers, the ocean
    9) brown
    10)cream & sage green – so happens that those are the colors I’m considering for the next one I knit.

    Happy long weekend! 🙂

  3. 1. I don’t really have a lot of red in my wardrobe. I have 1 red dress and red long johns. Oh yeah – I do have a teddy but I don’t really think that it counts as pieces of clothing. More like scraps!
    2. Bananas, Yellow beans, and pineapple.
    3. Black
    4. My coffee cup, binder, my sweater
    5. I do like black and white but what is sepia?
    6. Red and orange
    7. White
    8. Forget me nots, blue eyes, blue hair
    9. Not quite sure – blue/grey/green???
    10. Every single colour you can get! Make it the most colourful blanket around!

  4. 1. Red shoes and a red T shirt.
    2. Squash, bananas and pineapple.
    3. Silver grey.
    4. Fresca box,and that is all that I see that is green.
    5. Color photos mostly but some black and white are nice.
    6. Brown or sometimes white. Chocolate that would be.
    7. Sorry but that is white.
    8. Blue is my favorite color so take your pick. I have lots.
    9. Green.
    10. Pale yellow, pale green and ivory or off white.

  5. Okay… my turn!

    Here goes:

    1. I don’t wear a lot of red, but I do have a couple of red fleece shirts and red tshirts from vball.
    2. Yukon gold potatoes, mango, and omelettes.
    3. My little old car is green. Our SUV is black.
    4. Cinnamon’s eyes, The Simpsons DVD box set, various book spines
    5. I love really good black and white photography.
    6. I think I’d have to agree that brown tastes the best! Chocolate, coffee, tea…
    7. A funny blue colour.
    8. (NOT the trim on my house), my nieces’ and nephew’s eyes, the ocean off Grand Cayman or Barbados, a pint of fresh blueberries
    9. Mostly green-ish. Some blue.
    10. Well, it’s so hard to choose… maybe I’ll have to make several!

  6. Ooh, this looks like fun.
    1. Only two? How about my bunnyhug and underwear.
    2. Bananas, pasta, chips.
    3. Red
    4. My living room walls, empty wine bottles (hehe), coffee cup.
    5. Bright vibrant colour landscapes.
    6. Obviously brown–chocolate and coffee, the two most perfect foods in the world.
    7. Black
    8. Hmmm, I not a fan of blue….lakes, flowers, birds.
    9. blue
    10. I agree with Haze, cream and sage green.

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