Tagged Again

Well it looks like once again I’ve been tagged for a meme on the blogs, this time TWICE! Ricki and Shannon both tagged me to list 6 random things about myself, so here goes.

  1. I get my hair coloured quite often. I like the change. Sometimes it’s lovely, sometimes it’s just a bit funky. I let my hairdresser do whatever inspires her. This month, it’s kind of a dark purply-brown with bright blonde peek-a-boo highlights underneath. I mean, why not? Hells bells, it’s only hair. It’s not life or death.
  2. I currently have a pan of cinnamon buns and a loaf of cranberry-raisin Portuguese sweet bread rising in my kitchen.
  3. I am afraid of fish. Not on a plate, where they are wonderful, and not in an aquarium, where they are quite pretty to look at. Just in their natural habitat. I won’t swim in lakes or the ocean because of fish. I won’t go on a cruise because the boat could sink and then I would be, if not most certainly dead, which would suck, then stuck out in the middle of the ocean with FISH, which would also suck. My thinking is, if whoever created this planet wanted us to actually BE where the fish ARE, he would not have covered it up with water. He would have made it LAND.
  4. One of my feet is a full half-size smaller than the other.
  5. I have wanted to adopt since I was a teenager. I never imagined that I would have kids that were NOT adopted, and Ethiopia always appealed to me. Early on, I just felt that one of my children would be born in Ethiopia. And my life has presented nifty connections with Ethiopia time and time again. I had students who came from Ethiopia. I did a post-grad project on Ethiopian language. I became fascinated with it’s position as the cradle of human life during class on Bioanthropology. Some of my favourite cultural icons have a connection with Ethiopia. Things happen for a reason.
  6. I have dance parties with my cats.

Now, I don’t do a lot of social networking on the internet, so I don’t really have anyone to tag. But I can tag YOU — yes, YOU, reading this right now — so feel free to add your random things about yourself in the comments if you like.

4 thoughts on “Tagged Again

  1. Haha, #6 made me laugh (which I needed really bad today). I try to dance with the dogs but they clearly don’t like it as much as I do.
    Hmmm…because you were tagged twice I think you should have to write 12 random things…..

  2. Shockingly, you may have noticed that I like to dye my hair too! 🙂 I just think, it’s not permanent. It’s good for low-commmittment types… I couldn’t committ to a tatoo.

    P.S. Hi! Long time no check into your blog.

  3. Ricki YOU are a STINKER! Although, I am nothing if not random, so coming up with 12 should not be that tough! Let me see if I can think of something.

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