Friday Fun: A Loaf of Bread, a Stick of Butter…

I’m in charge of the shopping at our house. And that’s because 1) I’m less of an impulse shopper than BDH is and 2) I do the majority of the cooking and taking care of the house these days. And I go during the daytime, when people are at work, so it’s less of a chore than it used to be. I used to hate shopping.

One of the things BDH has said recently is that he wants to try new meals. He’s getting bored of our “usual” meals. And so we’re going to try different things, different recipes — if it works, great, and if not… well, we’ll file it under “experience” and move on.

But this requires a little more planning on my part. No more just going to the store and putting things in the cart on autopilot.

So let’s talk this week about shopping. Tell me:

  1. Do you like grocery shopping? Why/not?
  2. 3 “big ticket items” you normally buy
  3. Something you’re really good at cooking
  4. Laundry soap: liquid or powder?
  5. The best chicken dish you’ve ever had
  6. 2 unusual things on your grocery list
  7. Your 2 favourite types of pie
  8. 3 things you can get in your grocery store that start with M
  9. Pasta sauce: canned or homemade?
  10. What’s one thing I should slip into my cart as a treat when no one’s looking?

Dang. Now I am hungry.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: A Loaf of Bread, a Stick of Butter…

  1. 1. Hello??Food, spending money, no kids or hubby. Heaven.
    2. Real Parmesan cheese, diapers, hmmm Milk I guess, it just went up again.
    3. Soups.
    4. Liquid.
    5. Kevin’s beer can chicken.
    6. Curry paste ????
    7. Coconut cream and lemon.
    8. Mayo, mustard, and maple syrup.
    9. Starts with bottled but I add mushroom, burger, onions, celery, green peppers, some spices and teaspoon or two of sugar to it and simmer.
    10. A block of real parmesan cheese, a real treat to eat like it is or shred on anything to perk it up.

    Good thing I just had supper.

  2. Sherri my dear, it looks like it’s just you and me this weekend!

    1. I like grocery shopping in the middle of a work day when there aren’t a lot of people there and I can take my time and people aren’t bugging me. Otherwise, I loathe it.
    2. UGH! POP! Lots and lots of POP! And antihistamines for me aren’t exactly cheap. And BDH likes the cushy toilet paper and that is expensive. But I’ve started buying the cheaper stuff on Mom’s recommendation (SHHHH. DON”T TELL HIM.)
    3. I make an excellent oven stew. Which I am doing tonight, actually.
    4. Liquid. Totally.
    5. My best friend in HS was Portuguese. Her mom made this chicken that was spicy and cooked in beer and it ROCKED. I’m going to try a Portuguese chicken dish this week, actually.
    6. Distilled water, for the cats and for my CPaP. Mangoes or other unusual fruit, because I like them.
    7. OH. That’s TOUGH. I love ALL pies. But I think my favourites would be pecan and bumbleberry.
    8. Mascarpone cheese, mangoes, and marmalade.
    9. I confess it: canned. I love the canned sauce, and any homemade sauce I’ve ever made tastes like ASS.
    10. If you said dark chocolate, you wouldn’t be too far off.

  3. 1. I do enjoy grocery shopping. Growing up in a small town, there was not very much variety. Now it’s an adventure.
    2. Meat and fish are always big ticket items that we buy. Seems kind of silly but water is now a “big ticket item” Who would have thought that we would be buying water from a grocery store!
    3. Roast chicken is something that I like to cook. Shrimp and scallops.
    4. I use liquid.
    5. My roasted lemon chicken but I also love the chicken that we had in Portugal. Actually everything in Portugal was fantastic!
    6. I don’t really have a list.
    7. Blueberry pie that my mom bakes and lemon merrainge (How the heck do you spell that?!)
    8. Milk, marshmellows and maple syrup.
    9. I much prefer homemade pasta sauce.
    10. Those thin ginger snap cookies. Love them with tea!

  4. 1. I do enjoy shopping. I also have my own carry out man since he retired.
    2. Meat and fish and of course parmesan cheese.
    3. Turkey dinner.
    4. I use liquid.
    5. Keven’s beer chicken.
    6. I normally don’t buy anything that I am not sure of.
    7. I don’t as a rule eat pie but hubby likes apple.
    8. Milk,mayo,and mushrooms.
    9. I prefer my homemade sauce. The rest just doesn’t cut it.
    10. I don’t know about you but mine is usually chocolate. When I get it home I feel guilty and it sits there for awhile or it goes to Autumn.

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