Admit Defeat

Okay. I surrender. You win.


In the middle of yet another stupid messy storm, I admit defeat.


There. Are you happy now? Stupid weather.

And today, you can’t just dump a whole bunch of snow and be done with it, can you? Oh no. Not winter in Southern Ontario. OOOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO.

You have to dump a mix of freezing rain, and ice pellets, and snow, overnight. Then, you stop at dawn so the morning commute is a big ol’ stinking mess.

THEN, you take a break for, what, 6 hours? Just enough time for me to go out and shovel all the heavy half-frozen crappy stuff off the driveway and the walk. And THEN you do it all over again, just in time for the evening commute!

Winter? You are a BASTARD.

Oh sure, Ninja Jack takes the opportunities to make cheerful-looking snowmen in the back yard. And while that puts a smiling happy face on winter, you and I both know it is ONLY TEMPORARY.

For you are a wintery cold bastard with no mercy for little boys OR their friendly snowmen.

You send rain and warm temperatures to MELT them.

You MELT snowmen, Southern Ontario Winter! You break the hearts of little boys!

I surrender. You win, you coldhearted bastard.

I’m staying inside where it is warm. Call me when it’s April.

THEN who’ll be in charge? HMMMMM?

Ha HA!

9 thoughts on “Admit Defeat

  1. Ooooh, the sound of the winter storms has me a wee bit envious. Crazy I know, but the idea of being holed up in the house with some good java, some good movies and of course with the fuzzy critters just doesn’t sound so bad to me. Wanna trade places for a week or so????

  2. You know Cinn…what you need is a spouse that does the driveway. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about it. I have a significant other that does the driveway. It works out great for me ….

    Thanks for shoveling the driveway 🙂


  3. Cinn, as you know we, meaning Nova Scotia, always get the leftover mess when it leaves Ontario and travels out to sea. Guess what. We have been getting the same winter weather that you have to deal with. I tried to get away for a few weeks but that isn’t going to happen this year. To top it all off I have had this head and chest cold for three weeks. I think I need some good weather to finally get over it. Did you say something about April? That is a long way off. SIGH.

  4. Well, brace yourself my dear, because right now we are getting BELTED. Big wind, 20 cm of snow at least, and freezing rain and ice pellets. BIG FUN.

    And more shovelling for me tomorrow. At least you have a snowblower.

  5. The best thing about a snowblower is that I do not know how to use it. My significant other does that for me. But with the type of storms this year the snowblower will not pick that heavy wet snow and throw it out of the way.It has to be moved by hand.

  6. “BASTARD WINTER!” Love it!

    Calgary had -50 w/ the windchill last week. I was cursing big time while shovelling. I need a spouse just for that chore (and to move heavy furniture).

  7. Cinn, could we get your answers for fun Friday. I always like to hear the answers from the source of the questions??????At least it gives an insight into your mind and what was behind the questions.

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