I may have mentioned before — we’re a TV-free home. And we like it.

That’s not to say we don’t own a TV. We do. And we watch it regularly. But we only watch movies and old series that we own on DVD. We don’t have cable or watch any TV stations of any sort.

We just found that we were paying a lot of money for cable each month, and watching very little — if anything. Everything we wanted to watch, we had on DVD, or were going to buy on DVD, or watched online.

So we just cancelled cable, and we’ve been without for a year now. And we haven’t missed it.

Although, I must admit, we DO miss the Weather Network. I mean, it’s a uniquely Canadian thing to sit and watch a channel devoted to the weather. And let’s face it — in the Canadian winter, you need to know the forecast.)

But I had no idea how very TV-free we are until this past weekend. I was away for the weekend for volleyball work, and staying at a hotel. I checked in, went into the room, and got settled in. I put my stuff away, set up my laptop, futzed around. And it wasn’t until the morning when I was getting ready to check out that I realized, when I was walking by the TV, that I hadn’t even turned it on. Not once.

I used to be a road warrior for work, staying in many, many hotels in the course of a year. And the TV had always been there, on when I was looking for something to do, or for noise even when I wasn’t watching it. But not anymore.

I have other things to keep me busy. Books. Hobbies. Computer. People.

But we do love quality TV shows, or some that we just love for whatever reason, and those we buy when they come out on DVD. So yeah, we’re not saving the money we spent on cable, so much as relocating it. And although the inital outlay for a movie or series on DVD might be expensive, we are also the type of people who enjoy watching things over again. We’ve got movies and series we watch over and over again. In fact, our box set of Sports Night has been so well loved and watched so often, we’ve “worn out” the first episode on the first DVD and can’t watch it anymore. I didn’t know you could do that.

So we do get lots of value for our money. Mostly.

We do have a couple of duds. Real stinkers. Things we thought would be good and ended up being not so much. Things that we picked up in a fit of impulse buying. But generally speaking, we buy stuff we know we’re really going to enjoy.

We love our DVDs. I think we have well over 250 DVDs/series in our collection. (We have enough that I suggested to BDH we should start doing a podcast and reviewing all the movies and shows we own. He suggested that while this was an interesting idea, one actually has to be entertaining and have something useful to say in order to have a successful podcast.)

I know there are people who love their TV. I know people who have to have to TV on, no matter what they’re doing, and get hypnotized by whatever’s on as a means of relaxing and having a bit of mindless down time. I know people who have kids who park them in front of the TV for awhile as a means of getting a few minutes of peace and quiet and time to get things done. And that’s all great.

It’s just not us.

I don’t know who’s still on whatever reality show is currently popular. You won’t be able to switch on the game that’s on today. I haven’t seen Lost since they first got lost, although I do know that they have been lost for some time and that they are still, in fact, lost. And although I’m not sure what kind of peril Jack on 24 is in, I can guarantee you he’s probably still in some kind of peril.

So if you’re coming to visit us, and you love your TV, consider yourself forewarned.