Working, Learning and Schmoozing

Well the weather cooperated and I did end up heading up north to Barrie, where I am doing some work and mainly trying to help out at a volleyball camp. Which means I’m doing odd jobs — spreadsheets of data, lists of people — and generally trying to help out wherever I can.

It’s not easy. I’m new, and the people I work with aren’t even from Ontario. So I’m mostly out of the loop. But that’s okay — they’re very nice people and I am just jumping in and helping out where I can.

I am learning how little I know about this game. I always had what you’d call a low volleyball IQ, but when you’re surrounded by all these people who do this for a living and know so much, it throws just how little I know into sharp relief. Sometimes, I’d love to just sit down with these people and ask a million questions. “Why is that…?” “How do you know…?” I want to learn.

But I watch, and I listen, and I hope to pick up a little bit here and there.

And there are coaches here from all over, people I have read about from places I have written about. I haven’t met any of them yet, but there is a meet and greet thing tonight. I’ll stop in, have a beer and some pizza, maybe meet a couple of people. I won’t stay long, likely. I haven’t got much to say.

And BDH could not come with me. It’s lonely, and I feel stupider when he isn’t here. When we coached together, he was the smart one, the one who saw all the details and figured out all the strategy. But he’s not here. No strategy filter. I’m on my own. I feel like when I was a player again — I wasn’t smart or strategic; I got by on sheer physical skill, so a lot of complex things just flew past me. And the same is happening today. It’s like watching a foreign language film without subtitles, and you only know bits and pieces of the language.

But it’s fun. It’s a learning experience. It’s a work experience.