Friday Fun: Snow Day!

We’re under a storm warning here in the wilds of Southern Ontario, and so with all the schools and buses and whatnot shutting down in the face of a big old dump of snow and ice pellets it’s a SNOW DAY! For me, it means probably cancelling my trip to Barrie for the weekend and, consequently, losing $250 on the hotel. Which SUCKS. But it’s better that than in a ditch somewhere.

So I am EMBRACING the SNOW DAY! As a kid, I always wished for snow days… unfortunately I always lived too close to school so that it didn’t matter, because if the schools were open I could walk. And back in those days, the schools rarely closed.

So let’s ALL just enjoy the snow day, shall we? (Even if it is virtually.)

  1. What’s your favourite outdoor activity in the snow?
  2. What was your favourite outdoor activity in the snow when you were young?
  3. What’s the best hot beverage for a snowy day?
  4. What book are you reading now?
  5. What movie would you like to rent?
  6. What’s your favourite good, hearty meal for a cold day?
  7. You’ve run out of toilet paper. How do you get to the store if the roads are impassable: cross-country ski, dogsled, or snowshoe?
  8. Fireplace: electric, gas or wood?
  9. Bundle up! What’s your comfy warm and toasty ensemble for a snow day?
  10. If I give you 20 bucks, would you shovel my driveway?

Stay warm everyone!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Snow Day!

  1. 1. My favorite active is looking out the window at the snow.
    2. Coasting on a cardboard box down a very steep hill.
    3. Coffee .
    4. I am reading “The Great Alone” by Janet Daily.
    5. 27 Dresses
    6. I have had a craving for some of your Chili With lots of melted cheese. You didn’t make any for me when you were home!!!
    7. When we were young it was the Sears catalogue and an outdoor toilet.Burrrr. Today I would send my hubby and I wouldn’t care how he got there and back.
    8. There is just something about the crackle of the wood fireplace. For convince the electric would be nice.
    9. If I thought no one would turn up at my door it would be my warm pj’s.
    10. NO!!! But I would watch out the window while someone does it for you.

  2. 1. I love to tobagan but I don’t do that very often now. I love hiking in the snow and now I enjoy skiing.
    2. Having snow ball fights!
    3. Hot chocolate with a little something in it!
    4. It is called “Four Spirits”
    5. Anything!
    6. There is a stew in the slow cooker right now and it smells wonderful.
    7. I think that I would snowshoe.
    8. Well I have an electric one but I would love a wood one.
    9. Well if you are talking about outside, it is my ski suit and my big old boots.
    10. Sure….we just did it.

  3. Sno day – smo day! When I lived in Ontario I couldn’t believe how many snow days they had! Our west we never get snow days!! Sure hope you made the best of the day and you’re right $250 versus hours in a ditch or worse are nothing!!!

  4. By “popular” request, here are my answers!
    1. I like to go out at night when the wind is down and the snow is falling and it is quiet. I shovel the driveway if it needs it. Or if I can, I go for a walk. Or maybe I just enjoy the silence and beauty.
    2. I think… I didn’t have one. I guess if I had to choose it was building snow forts.
    3. Coffee with Baileys. Or cream. But it has to be GOOD coffee.
    4. I am reading a biography of Augustus, emperor of Rome. WHAT? I like biographies.
    5. I don’t know. I buy stuff when it comes up.
    6. I like my homemade oven stew with biscuits.
    7. Dude. I’d totally do any one of them. Although dogsleds seem a little bit of overkill since the store’s only a km away.
    8. Wood. Totally. Good doG how I miss having a fireplace.
    9. Hmmm… flannel jammie pants and a soft fleece shirt.
    10. Forget it… the neighbour did it over night FOR FREE!

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