An Announcement, Brought to You by Duncan’s Staff

You may have noticed, I updated the photos. The ones over there. ——–>

Everyone kept asking, “Where’s Duncan?”

I was beginning to feel guilty.

It’s not that I didn’t want to give you photos of Duncan. Oh no, that’s not it at all. Hey, I’d be more than happy to give you All Duncan, All the Time if that is what you wanted.

(In a photographic sense, of course. You cannot have my baby boy. He is mine.)

Heck, I am ALL FOR you becoming the President of the We Love Duncan Fanclub, if that is what you want.

And believe me, he’s such a cutie, I’ve been taking many a photo of him since he arrived, what, 6 months ago? Who could resist?


It has taken me THIS LONG to figure out exactly WHERE those photos had to be uploaded to.

We’ve changed things around some, technologically speaking. So much so, that I had no idea where this blog actually was anymore. And by that I mean, where the heck was the software?

I knew it was here somewhere. After all, I look at it every day. I write in it nearly as much.

And yet…

I was lost.  And you were without Duncan. Duncan-less, as it were. Duncan-devoid. Lacking in Duncan-ness.


I broke down, and asked BDH. In the middle of Casino Royale, I might add. That is how much I wanted to amuse you all. I interrupted BDH in the watching of an action movie. For YOU.

So that you might have all the Duncan you desire.

And so, once BDH gave me the technological equivalent of “It’s over there, on the second shelf, beside the sugar”, I was able to


OH. And also, the other cats too.