Wind and Pigs and Wolves of All Kinds

It is snowing horizontally.

The wind here is blowing really hard, and so the snow that is falling is pushed along by the wind. So it’s snowing horizontally.

It’s crazy windy. I was woken during the middle of the night by what sounded like a freight train rushing through. Turns out it was just the wind. And today, it continues to blow. Our house sits near the top of a hill, and so when we get windy days, our house gets hit full on. Our little house of sticks shudders and shakes and creaks and whimpers.

I sympathize with the Three Little Pigs a lot more than I did when I was younger, I tell you.

Ours is a new house, and so for all intents and purposes it is bits of wood held together by screws. All there is between us and the elements is a few timbers, some blown insulation and drywall, and a bit of siding. I long for a house that I feel is sturdy enough to withstand the weather. I have never felt safe in this house when it is windy.

Even having some trees to break the wind would be nice. But trees are merely saplings here in subdivisionland.

It’s also garbage day. So putting out the garbage today means running the risk of having your garbage, as well as your garbage cans, blown all over the neighbourhood. We’ve already lost one can to the wind; I don’t know if I’m willing to surrender another one. Of course, that can, with our address written in BIG BLACK LETTERS all over it, only got blown to the bottom of the street, but none of the arses that live down there had the sense of responsibility to drive 100 yards up the street and bring it back. Six months later, we were driving by, and there was our garbage can, sitting by the community mailbox, being used by lazy dog owners to get rid of their dog poop. Nice.

A bit of siding on one side of our house is loose. These new homes — bad workmanship abounds. Anyway, whenever the wind blows just so, the siding goes thump-thump-thump against the house. Mind you, the wind is what knocked the siding loose in the first place, months ago, and each time BDH goes out to fix it, more wind comes along a few weeks later and just knocks it loose again. So fixing it is not only perilous to one’s health, given that the siding is 3 stories up and the roof inclines ridiculously sharply, but also it’s a colossal waste of time.

Maybe the wind will just knock it back into place again, and we won’t have to worry.

And with the wind comes a “flash freeze” warning. It poured rain last night, and then the wind came and the temperature dropped from 8 degrees C to -10 degrees C over about 12 hours. So that means that water on the roads can freeze, and make driving hazardous. I think the wind dried the water before it had a chance to freeze, which is good. But then, instead, we have blowing snow. So either way, having BDH out on the roads to and from soccer or work or whatever is cause for a bit of concern.

So the wind continues to blow.

We did have one little intrepid squirrel come to the feeder today. He didn’t mind the wind. He sat up on top of a fencepost and munched away on his peanuts like it was as nice as you please out there. But then, he’s pretty small. Little wind resistance.

But not me. I provide a big buttload (literally) of wind resistance. So I am staying indoors.

Although if the wind keeps up, roaring against this little house of sticks, who knows how long that will be.

Thank goodness there are no wolves here at the south end of town.

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  1. You never know about thost are backed onto a conservation area and there are lots of hiding places there. If you ever hear “lil pig, lil pig, let me come in,” put a stew pot on the stove to boil and add a few veggies, just sayin is all. Also, you might want to check in the mirror and make sure you have some hairs on your chinny-chin-chin. (MadDawn’s favorite book which we read several times a day.)

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