Whaddya Mean… WORK?!?

It’s back to work for BDH today, and so that means me, too.

It’s been a long time indeed since we’ve had to work. We had 2 weeks vacation, but then we were sidelined by sickness last week. And before that, work was hit and miss as it was New Year’s and before that Christmas holidays. So it’s been well over a MONTH since we’ve had a regular routine around here.

I’ve been missing it recently. I like having things to do and being busy. Sure, I like days off as well as the next person, and sitting around like a pyjama-clad lump of goo can be quite lovely sometimes. But not ALL the time. I need to do things. I get bored after awhile.

And after this past week of being off and sick… I have been VERY BORED.

But I wasn’t prepared for the shock and horror of MY ALARM GOING OFF. While I was, you know, SLEEPING.

I had forgotten there were times of day BEFORE 8 am. I pried my eyes open and tried to function. It wasn’t going well.

I figured, therefore, that I was justified in hitting the snooze button at least once. Because I was trying to EASE INTO it, you see. I mean, no one can do that sort of thing COLD TURKEY.

But I did eventually stagger out of bed and downstairs, and packed up a (not the best I’ve ever made but still passable) breakfast and lunch for BDH. And I made myself some breakfast and some coffee, and I got the cats fed. I saw BDH off to work.

And as I started my first load of laundry for the day, I hummed some bad tune or other to myself and I thought quite cockily, “Hey, this getting back to a routine business is No. Problemo. I’m doing well.”

And that’s when the cup of liquid laundry soap I had just measured out took a half-gainer out of my hand and, in slow motion, like a car crash, somersaulted ever-so-gracefully earthward, spraying scented blue horror over objects as it spiralled past. And then, as the coup-de-grace, it pinballed down — ping! plong! ping! plong! — between the washer and the dryer until it came to rest, inevitably, upside down on the floor.

Le sigh.

That first day back to work, it’s no picnic, I can tell you.

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  1. Oh. That is nasty stuff to clean up. You can’t get that soapy, slippery stuff off the floor. I’m guessing it went under the machines as well. That’s one way to get the dust cleaned up that usually accumulates under those big heavy objects.

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