Friday Fun: With a Honk and a Wheeze

BDH and I have been sick all week. Him moreso than me, really — he always gets sicker than I do. And to extremes, too. I get a sniffle, he gets pneumonia. I get queasy, he gets plague. It’s a little odd, but there you go. And it would work well, too, if he were the sort of sick person that liked to be waited on and fussed over when he’s sick, since I’m usually well enough to do it… but he’s not. He likes to grumble and watch endless DVDs and for the most part, be left alone.

So here we are at the end of January, in the middle of cold and flu season. And I thought, there’s a good theme for our Friday Fun today. Now, half the people I know are sick right now, so maybe everyone is too sick to be on the internet right now? Oh well. We’ll see.

So I ask you:

  1. What kind of sick person are you? Do you like to be fussed over and taken care of, or do you like to be left alone?
  2. Chicken noodle soup: homemade, canned with the long noodles, or the packaged kind with the short straight noodles?
  3. When you sneeze, do you do one big sneeze, or are you a multi-sneezer?
  4. What’s your favourite comfy thing to wear?
  5. What’s one thing you can’t do without when you’re sick?
  6. Do you own a handkerchief?
  7. Socks in bed, or no?
  8. How do you amuse yourself when you’re sick at home?
  9. Good or evil? Discuss.
    • NeoCitran (that hot lemon drink for when you’re sick)?
    • Buckley’s cough syrup?
    • Vick’s Vap-o-Rub?
  10. Would you mind changing the DVD for me?

So there you have it.

Pass the Kleenex, please.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: With a Honk and a Wheeze

  1. 1. I like to be left alone but anyone around me will know I am not feeling well.
    2. Since I usually make my own meals and I have a cold canned would be the quickest.
    3. Usually one big sneeze but this time there are multiple.
    4. PJ’s that are big and comfy.
    5. My grandaughter bought me a small stuffed toy who she named Peaches. That has been passed back and forth between us when we don’t feel well.
    6. I do own a handkerchief. It was a gift from my sister-in-law and made from the best linen money could buy. I must note that it has never been used nor will it be used. EVER.
    7.NO SOCKS allowed in my bed.
    8. I mostly read books. The family leaves me alone and I read and nap when ever I want.
    9. I only used cough medicine for a few days but it didn’t seem to help much and I blame that for making my cold last so long. I switched to Tylenol and Vicks.
    10. Where is BDH? He is the closest and would love to help.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. 1. I like to be fussed over,although it doesn’t happen very often.
    2.My mothers’ homemade turkey soup is awesome but somehow Kevin got it the last time I was sick, well, not really sick, but I had dental surgery and couldn’t eat solid food.
    3.I’m a multi-sneezer, with lots of sound-effects.
    4.Just like Mom, big comfy pajamas!
    5.When I’m sick, I can’t do without my heating pad.
    6.No, I definitely do not own a handkerchief and would never, ever use one. That’s just GROSS!
    7.No socks in bed. I use a heating pad nightly to toast my tootsies.
    8.I like to read or watch HGTV.
    9.I don’t like neo-citrin, but Kevin swears by it. I drink Buckleys cough sirop and plaster my nose and chest with Vicks and then put the infamous heating pad on top of my chest(after I get my feet warm).
    10.Let me just hop a plane and I’ll be right there to change your DVD. Maybe we could watch The Vicar of Dibley together.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that the two of you aren’t feeling well.

    1. I don’t really get sick too often but I really would prefer to be left alone. Just let me sleep.
    2. Homemade, then the long noodles and then the short ones.
    3. Lately I seem to be a multi-sneezer.What’s up with that?
    4. Nightgown.
    5. My pillow.
    6. No but my dad uses one every day.
    7. No socks allowed!
    8. Depends how sick I am but for the most part I just like to read in bed.
    9. NeoCitran – evil. It makes my head all fuzzy.
    Buckley’s – good. “It tastes horrible but it works!” I think it works because you don’t want to have another spoonful so you will yourself to feel better.
    Vick’s Vap-o-Rub – good. They even have tissues now with it in.

    Not a problem but you have to show me how to do it!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. 1. I love to be left alone but that never happens in this house. Nothing would get done.
    2. Homemade all the way. I have never liked canned chicken soup and never buy it.
    3. One big sneeze that rattles my brains around.
    4. My nightgown.
    5. A blankie.
    6. No….ewwwww.
    7. No socks, ever, unless there is a blizzard and I have to go outside.
    8. Mindless tv – usually the food channel since I can’t taste anything at least I can look. I also like to knit if I feel well enough (actually this sounds like a dream day to me).
    9. NeoCitran – love the stuff. It is soothing and warm and makes me feel cared for. Buckleys – gag me with a spoon! Vicks – I never use it but Simmsgirl and Mike love it.
    10. Sure, but only if its is something I want to watch. Otherwise, I am sure Duncan could help. He probably has it all figured out. That’s why you didn’t see him while you were away, he had control of the TV!

  5. Is it my turn already? Okay.

    1. I am a walk-around-the-house-complaining-about-how-I-hate-being-sick, likes-to-be-fussed-over kind of sick person.
    2. I love the packaged chicken noodle soup with the short straight noodles. I could eat buckets and buckets of that. But my favourite when I am sick is actually chicken with rice.
    3. I am a GIANT sneezer. Big and LOUD.
    4. Jammies or sweats.
    5. Let’s see… probably a good book, a cup of something warm, and my inhaler.
    6. I own many, from my time in Japan. And I use them quite often.
    7. The master bedroom in this house is freezing cold and I always have cold feet, so when the room is particularly frosty then so are my feet. And when my feet are too cold I can’t get to sleep. So sometimes I wear socks.
    8. I grumble a lot. I complain. And I watch videos.
    9. Let’s see…
    * NeoCitran is heaven in a cup. So nice and warm and always makes me feel better.
    * Buckley’s is sent from the devil himself. It tastes like what I expect it tastes like to bite a pine tree.
    * Vick’s Vap-o-Rub is the bee’s knees. I love it. Although sometimes it gives me a rash, because I have allergies from hell.
    10. Our DVD player is busted. Usually we can put in 5 disks and switch between them. But it broke, so now we have to use our Playstation as a video player, and it takes a lot more up-and-down. But Sherri, you weren’t far off about Duncan… he LOVES the DVD changer and sits there in front of it, fascinated by the lights and the noises and the movement. Or he DID, until it broke.

  6. 1. I prefer to be left alone. At least, I think I do. It hasn’t happened in so long, I can’t be absolutely certain.
    2. I make a fabulous chicken soup from scratch. But I do not care for chicken soup when I am sick. I like something brothy and very spicy.
    3. Almost always three sneezes in a row.
    4. Jammie pants (the drawstring kind) and a tanktop with a large and old and soft sweatshirt over it.
    5. My fluffy blanket and my huggy pillow.
    6. Yeah. Not that I use them. I did see this really cool thing in Canadian Living this month where you can design your OWN Kleenex box. I’m all over that kind of thing. I’m a kleenex girl.
    7. Oh HELL no. I cannot have my feet covered when I am laying down.
    8. I honestly do not know. Channel surfing?
    9. Good or evil?
    * NeoCitran- It must be a Canadian thing because I’ve never heard of it until now.
    * Buckley’s cough syrup- Ditto for this one.
    * Vick’s Vap-o-Rub- I’ve never cared for it. The feel of it on my skin creeps me out.
    10. No problem. You can wait until I get up there, right? 😉

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