Not a Fan

Oh, how I loathe winter.

I’ve never been a fan. When I was a child, I hated having to go outside and play in the snow. I hated tobogganing. I hated building snowmen and building snow forts and throwing snowballs (which the rotten, hateful children across the street who hated and tormented my sisters and I and would pelt us with at regular intervals).

And wind chill. God, how I hate the words “wind chill”. When you start talking about wind chill, it’s like an endurance test. Bragging about how frigging cold it can truly get before your ears and fingers and nose begin to lose feeling. And don’t even get me started about that other loathesome part of winter, freezing rain.

I think I began to love reading because it was good reason to stay indoors.

So winter is not my favourite time of year. Not by a long shot. As February approaches, I find I get a little edgy and restless, trapped inside by the cold and wind and snow. I begin to feel like a mushroom, sitting inside in the dark, watching the internet scroll by or viewing endless DVDs.

I love living in Canada, except for the winter. I often dreamed of living elsewhere and escaping this horrible cold weather. There would be too much to give up and of course at this stage of my life, married and waiting to start a family, it will never happen. But still, from the time I was in my early teens, I was looking for ways to escape. Just to get away from the 6-ish months of cold.

I’d be perfectly content if it was only cold for a month or so, and maybe we got snow around Christmas time. In fact, that was what the weather was like where I lived in Japan, and it was marvellous. The coldest it got, the temperature hovered around zero and if there was snow, it was fluffy and wet and melted soon after hitting the ground. Of course, there was also rainy season and hurricane season to contend with there, so you know, nothing’s perfect.

But here I sit, trapped inside as the wind blows cold outside for the third or fourth straight day. The driveway and the sidewalk need shovelling and soon I am going to have to suck it up and put on some warm clothes and go out.

I can tolerate winter when the air is still, when there’s no wind, and the temperature is still close to zero. Then I don’t mind shovelling or going on errands, and I don’t find myself hibernating for days at a time. But those days are past. We’re in deepest, darkest January chill now. And February with all it’s cold, damp, stormy glory is right around the corner.

If ever we’re rich enough, I am TOTALLY retiring to the Caribbean.

2 thoughts on “Not a Fan

  1. If it helps, I sent you a lovely email.

    And also? It’s bitterly cold here as well. Along with biting wind and bastardly stinging cold rain. It’s the trifecta of terrible weather.

  2. I totally agree with you on your description of our Canadian winter. I also would like to escape from here for about 3 months of the year to get away from the worst of the winter. I can take the cold temps and the snow,but please keep the wind down to a minimum. I do just about anything to keep from going out when the wind is blowing. Is it any wonder that I try to get away as often as I can in the cold months. It sounds nice but I think we would miss our families too much to take off for a long extended stay (say 6 months) somewhere south as some people do. We would miss so much of our family’s togetherness and keeping in touch with their growing and seeing our grandchildren as they mature and the family ties we cherish so much. Instead I think I will get one of the new “sunshine lights ” that will help brighten up my mood and make me feel like I’m in the sunshine even if it is just for a little while.

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