Cold and Crabby

We’re sick. We’ve both come down with colds. And we’re crabby.

It never fails. Whenever we take vacation, we get sick. It’s like we finally relax and then all the viruses/bacteria/whatever in the universe get all excited at the prospect of a party. It’s just a matter of which one gets to us first.

This year, it’s a cold. Usually we get something on the plane, on the way there (which means we’re sick while we’re away, which always sucks) or on the way home. But this came on a little late for something from the plane, so I am guessing it’s just something we picked up while we were out and about grocery shopping or whatever this week.

As usual, BDH is sicker than I am. He always gets it worse than me. I have a head full of cotton and a headache, and maybe the beginnings of a rattle in my chest. But poor old BDH is honking and blowing and sneezing and coughing. And I feel bad for him. But he’s also one of those people who hates to have anyone fussing over him when he’s sick so he just walks around and grumbles about being sick and is… well… sick.

We’ve pulled out the daybed into a big king-sized bed, and we’ve pulled up the blankets, and we and assorted cats have found ourselves a nice snuggly comfy spot where we can feel sorry for ourselves and drink soup and watch DVDs until we feel better. Which should be sometime tomorrow or Wednesday, if it’s a typical cold.

Maybe I’ll knit some more. Who knows. Because the world can always use more hats.

6 thoughts on “Cold and Crabby

  1. I’m sorry to hear you and BDH are not feeling well. Could it be your cold came from N.S. Maybe one of those cold bugs was hiding just long enough to take the blame away from us. We are both down with colds now as well.

  2. Us too, it must have been something in the weather. SimmGirl has been sick, I am wooly-cotton-head and stuffed full of something or other and my nose hurts from all the honking and blowing. Mad Dog Farmer has also come on with it today and just blithely wipes things away with a sleeve… oh the innocence of youth. Feel better. Sounds like you have found the perfect way to deal with you illness…snuggled together and comfy cozy. I envy you.

  3. Bummer. I’m sorry you guys are feeling icky.

    However, isn’t is lovely when your pet cuddles up next to you?

    And YAY!!!! Sherri said Mad Dog Farmer. THIS??? I love.

  4. At least you are both sick at the same time and get to snuggle together with the cats (and BDH is NOT a needy sick person – bonus!)

    Take care.

  5. Mad Dawn, Mad Dog, depends on the day. Yesterday…Mad Dog. Today, I am hoping for a mellow Mad Dawn…we’ll have to wait to see.

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