Hat Couture

Okay, so maybe I went a LITTLE crazy. But it was fun.

It all started with a hat for my little nephew:

bear in hat 1

No. That is NOT him in the hat. But it IS the famous Umbilical Cord Hat of song and story and Stitch & Bitch books.

Then, I thought, well… I have all this red yarn. Like, for 10 years I’ve had this yarn. And, I have all this green yarn — for almost 20 years it’s been sitting in the closet, waiting to be used. And then I thought… hey! The Ethiopian flag is red, yellow and green. So I came up with this:

bear in hat 2

So then I thought, maybe a different pattern:

bear in hat 3

Note the jaunty angle. He’s a happening sort of bear.

And then, I went with a more Canadian take on the hat with Ethiopian colours:

bear in hat 4

Of course, the bear gave us a little runway spin to get the full effect of the hat. And the pompom.

So. A whole bunch of hats for a baby that we don’t even know who it is yet. But they were fun to make, and hey, I must have had that yarn hanging around for some reason, right?

I’ll probably make more. Maybe a blankie too. If I feel inspired.

Thanks to Mr. Ted E. Bear for being such a fab model.

13 thoughts on “Hat Couture

  1. Oh definitely the last one is the cutest. I love the Canadian spin on things with the pompom. Which style will Tena and Kevin get I wonder, that pic must also make the blog. A nice warm blankie would match wonderfully. You are wonderfully talented.

  2. I must mention that Berry was very happy to see her brother Ted E. Bear. It has been too long. He certainly is a good model. Berry is thoroughly threadbare and the black stuffing is showing through the beautiful berry color from so much snuggling and cuddling. Well, she is after all 9 years old or so and very much loved. Love from SimmGirl.

  3. Oh they are absolutely adorable. You may find when I get my referral you may get a request for a couple little hats!!! I’m serious!

  4. They are scrumptious, and you’ve given me some ideas for variations on a very boring knitted slipper! I started my paperwork in April 2007, and I am just now into the home study. One day at a time.

  5. Thanks Justice! I hope you post some photos of your new-patterned slippers once they are done! I’m not a slipper wearer but I was thinking myself of making some socks in the same sort of Ethiopian flag colour scheme. But right now I’m making some knitted dolls of various skin tones… so I’ll have to add it to my project list, I guess!

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