Friday: No Fun, But Some Nonsense

Well, it’s Friday, but as you can tell, there’s no Friday Fun to be had. And that’s because a) I can tell from my hit counter that most people think I am still on vacation and so there are not as many visitors as on a regular Friday, and 2) I AM on vacation, and I am far too lazy to come up with anything fun.

So you’re just going to have to amuse yourselves until next week.

What will you do with yourselves, now that there is no Friday Fun to be had? What amusing things will you come up with? I am all a-twitter with wondering.

And what, you might ask, will I be doing? Well, as little as possible, I can tell you. I have hurt my back, so whatever it is that I do, it will involve a heating pad and some smelly but not altogether unpleasant balm on my lower back.

And there will be tasty beverages. Of course. What would a day be without some tasty refreshing beverages, I ask you?

I have some goals for the coming weeks, and I may start on those. Now, take that statement with a HUGE grain of salt. Because I must admit, my goals from my vacation week were mostly a bust. Like I was going to get yoga done each day — PLEASE. Who are we kidding? I did a couple of days’ worth. And I did not get a Big Stop breakfast thanks to the stupid crabby waitress saying that the stupid plumbing went bust at the stupid restaurant. (Although I did get a lovely replacement breakfast at a nearby restaurant. But delightful though it may be, it’s not the same, now, is it.) So, I have been known to make goals that soar like a rock.

And yet, I have some. So here are some of the things I might do today:

  • Finish knitting the Big Sister Blanket for Miss Isabella.
  • Do some laundry.
  • Knit a hat for Auntie Tena and Uncle Kevin to match the oh-so-happening and stylish Umbilical Cord Hat (that’s the pattern NAME — it’s not a hat FOR an umbilical cord, silly) which I have made for Mystery Baby. For as godparents they should have one too, don’t you think?
  • Watch the ENTIRE Pride and Prejudice for the 3-billionth time. You know, the Colin Firth one. Because it’s the only REAL one. (You remember. We’ve talked about this.) I got the Kiera Knightly version for Xmas and BDH is QUITE peevish at it because it is NOT. RIGHT.
  • Read.
  • Do a very gentle yoga workout to stretch out my back full o’ knots.
  • Play Sims2. Because it has Pets now.
  • Nap.

These are just some of the many goals I have for the coming weeks. You’ll notice I left off most of the “work” ones, like work on the baby’s room and hem some curtains and get on the treadmill and such. Because honestly, who wants to work on their vacation?

It’s Friday. Fridays are for fun.

2 thoughts on “Friday: No Fun, But Some Nonsense

  1. Can’t wait to see these BELLy BUTTON hats, we, as god-parents, will wear them with great pride. You had better make them quite large though, as we have rather big heads, and I must say that I am quite relieved that they are not actually worn on the said belly button, as I have not seen mine for several years now.

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