Vacation, Part Two

We’re home. And while I love being on vacation, it is quite nice to be home.

I find we miss things when we’re away, just little things about our daily lives and routines and such. All our stuff is around us here, so there are myriad options of things to do and things that you might need. When you’re away, you’re in someone else’s home or cooking in someone else’s kitchen or sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, and no matter how wonderful the place is that you’re visiting, you still miss your stuff. So it’s nice to be back for the familiarity of it all.

We had a lovely week away. Relaxing. Surrounded by loved ones. More food than could feed the Prussian army. Endless glasses of wine. Sleeping late. And a crossword puzzle for every day of the week! It was wonderful.

But still, we’re happy to be home. We missed the cats. We even had little cameras set up so we could log in and watch them while we were away. We saw lots of sleeping. Mostly Lucy. And we did not see Duncan ONCE during the entire week — and we worried that his sisters had killed him and buried the body in one of the litter boxes. BDH missed Duncan, his Little Buddy, in particular. (It’s a guy thing.)

So there was much snuggling and scratching under the chin and cats-on-laps when we got home.

And The Bubby. If you can believe it, we missed the Incredible Shrieking Bubby. BDH got up early yesterday morning — he let me sleep in — and went out to the 24 hr. grocery store and picked up groceries for the week and bought me a coffee from my favourite coffeeshop and then he went to the vet and picked up Opus. He had really missed her. She had been boarded all week because she is so old and fragile and… well… DEMANDING… so she had a staff to attend to her every whim. So he brought her home and we gave her many, many cuddles and lots of love.

And it only took her about 45 minutes to begin shouting her fool head off at us again. But that was okay.

So BDH has been preparing every meal since we got home — I think he’s enjoying puttering around his own kitchen again. We’re not answering the phone and we’re staying indoors as much as possible. And we’re enjoying the quiet and futzing around on computers and laughing at the cats’ antics and generally relaxing.

It’s like a vacation after our vacation. Two vacations in a row.

I may even nap.

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  1. Welcome back. Dontcha just love sinking down into your own bed with your own sheets around you on that first night home? Divine!

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