It is a day of fuzzy things.

My head, for example. I have that fuzzy head this morning, that feeling that you get when you are on vacation and you get up WAY earlier than you wanted to (even though it was much later than the rest of the house) and you feel a bit dopey. It’s like your head is a movie theatre, way back in the day when you were still allowed to smoke in the theatre, and what you see or think is like a movie trying to project through all the smoke and haze to the screen.

My eyes are a bit fuzzy, like there’s schmutz in them. I think my mask sprung some leaks overnight and little blasts of air were blowing in my eyes all night. So I am blinking and rubbing my eyes and generally feeling like I am looking at things underwater. I hate that feeling.

I put on a fuzzy sweater this morning, because as the day progresses, we’re in for a storm. A fair-sized snowstorm is forecast to blow through Nova Scotia this afternoon and tonight, dumping 20 cm of snow on the region. GREAT. Just in time for us to drive to the airport for our flight home tomorrow. Won’t THAT be fun. I guess I had better pack my bags accordingly today, so that I’ve got something fuzzy and comfortable for tomorrow too — in case we’re stuck in the airport for an extended period of time.

And I could use something fuzzy today — specifically, my cats. I miss them while I am on vacation, and although we set up webcams to watch them while we are away, the little stinkers have been studiously avoiding their usual haunts, which we set the cameras up specifically to watch. If the storm comes in, today would be a great day to sit in front of the window with a big cup of tea and a Lucy on my lap, watching the snowfall. And BDH is missing the girls too — at least Cinnamon sits in my chair in front of the camera at home from time to time, so we get to see her snoozing or having a bath or what have you. But there’s been no sign of Duncan since we’ve been gone, and BDH misses his little buddy.

Maybe I should while away the time watching Hot Fuzz today — that would make my fuzzy day fuzzier still.

3 thoughts on “Fuzzy

  1. Hot Fuzz is supposed to be really good.

    BTW, I love your random kitty photos. They help me miss my cats a bit less.

  2. Hot Fuzz is HILARIOUS. We love it. We have it on our iPods to watch on the plane. You should go rent it. Or buy it, even. Right now!

    I am glad you enjoy the random cat-ness. I need to update the set with some new pictures soon! We’re missing Duncan photos (and there are many)!

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