We’re on vacation, in beautiful rural Nova Scotia.

Beautiful DAMP Nova Scotia.

It’s about 10 degrees outside. All the snow is melting. There’s fog all over the place.

It’s like… HEAVEN. Only without the cherubs whizzing by.

I even got through the plane ride without too much stress and/or damage to BDH’s hand as I gripped it tightly during take-off and landing.

Before I left, I set myself several goals to accomplish on my vacation:

  1. Visit with family. – HALF A CHECK. I have seen about half of the family, including my newest niece, who came in while I was doing yoga this morning, and seemed sorely disappointed when I popped my head up after doing a “downward dog” and she realized that I was NOT, in fact, her sister.
  2. Sleep like the dead.
  3. Eat seafood chowder at our favourite local restaurant. – CHECK. Did that when we came in last night. Big chunks of fish and lobster. YUM.
  4. Eat a massive breakfast at a Big Stop.
  5. Don’t drink as much wine as I usually do. (This one I will fail at horribly. But I have aspirations nonetheless.)
  6. Play Sims2 with my niece.
  7. Do yoga each day.

I feel it is a sound plan. Nothing too strenuous. But since it is nice and warm out, I might add a daily walk to the list. It’s hard to say.

I still feel like we haven’t fully decompressed yet from the stresses of everyday life back at home, but we are getting there. Talk to me by Friday morning, and I would expect I will be completely vacated by then.

2 thoughts on “Vacated

  1. “sleep like the dead” – I take it no luck with that one yet?

    I’ve always wanted to visit N.S. Enjoy your holiday – it sounds like it’s going to be fun.

  2. No luck with the sleeping like the dead… although there’s also been no mysterious loaves of bread or piles of neatly folded laundry in the middle of the night, either. So that’s progress.

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