Friday Fun: Odds and Ends

I’m still in random mode. Blame the holidays and being all out of my routine. The Friday Fun today is all a bunch of bits and pieces and odds and ends. Oh well, random can be fun!

  1. Regular toothpaste or gel toothpaste?
  2. Tell me a movie that makes you cry.
  3. What’s your favourite appetizer?
  4. Name 3 things you like that begin with the letter O.
  5. Hippos or rhinos?
  6. Jam or marmalade?
  7. Name 3 green things you have in your house.
  8. Stockholm, Sao Paolo or Sydney?
  9. Name 2 things you put ketchup on.
  10. Does my hair look stupid like this?

And while you’re answering these, I’m going to start putting away our Christmas decorations. Because Duncan’s been climbing the tree again, and something’s going to get broken.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Odds and Ends

  1. 1. Regular toothpaste.
    2. Stepmom.
    3. Hmm, tough call. Maybe cheese sticks. Or a spinach dip.
    4. Oregon. Opera haters. Ontario?
    5. Hippos.
    6. Jam. Hate marmalade.
    7. Wreath, tree, K’s hairbow.
    8. Stockholm.
    9. French fries and hot dogs.
    10. It only depends on the viewpoint.

  2. Happy New Year!

    1. Regular toothpaste. I have to admit that I want to try the new Crest that you use at night. I’m a sucker for these gimicks!
    2. Any movie that has animals in it has the potential to make me cry! I watched The Colour Purple before Christmas and that always makes me cry.
    3. Depends on my mood of course. I love cheese and wine, shrimp, vegetables and dip, 7 layer nacho dip.
    4. Oranges, Ormocto, Ottawa (I did not write down my first thought)
    5. Hippos
    6. Jam
    7. Plants, beans, drapes
    8. Do you mean Sydney, Australia? That is actually where I would go after my stop at Stockholm
    9. Hamburgers, french fries
    10. I think that you can pull it off. Just don’t do it too often!

  3. 1. I’m all about the cinnamon, which only comes in gel form. Mmm, cinnamon.
    2. Contact.
    3. Potato skins. Or mozzarella sticks.
    4. Ostriches, orgasms and Orangina.
    5. Rhinos.
    6. Jam. Marmalade is gross, dude.
    7. Doors, floors, whores. (Sorry, I just wanted everything to rhyme.)
    8. Stockholm, but not at this time of year.
    9. Fries and burgers and nothing else.
    10. I’m sure BDH will have an easy time picking you out in a crowd.

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