Relax… Nap… Repeat.

Starting tomorrow at about 5:05 pm, BDH is taking two weeks of vacation. TWO WEEKS.

In all his working life, he’s never had two weeks together. Heck, there have been some years where he hasn’t even had one week together — like the year he used all his vacation time up on helping my ungrateful family with their many crises. Or the year he used up all his vacation going to and from infertility treatment appointments.

So two weeks together is unprecedented.

And he SO needs it. He works very hard, and starting this past year, he plays hard too. With working all day and soccer games late into the night, he’s been going full steam for quite a while now. He could use the rest.

Come to think of it, I can use the rest too. I know I am at home all day, and most people believe that — because we don’t have kids yet — I have it pretty easy. And I’ll admit, my quality of life is infinitely better than when I was going to an arse office and doing arse work all day. But even though I am home, life has still been busy. For 2007, I did research for and kept 3 blogs going, plus another I did for about half the year. And I am a contributing writer for another site. My volleyball writing alone keeps me busy, often for well over 30 hours a week, all unpaid. Add to that the hour or so per day I spend on this blog, plus the regular housework/cooking/cat management/shopping-and-errands stuff I do around the house, and it gets to be a full week.

And that’s not even counting the adoption stuff, which — while the work involved comes in intense fits and starts — just adds stress and strain to daily life.

So I am tired, too. And really looking forward to this two weeks off.

We have no money, so we’re not going anywhere extravagant or tropical. But we’re still getting a little vacation away. We are heading home to visit family for a week, where we always unwind and enjoy the company of people we truly enjoy spending time with. Plus BDH has been feeling rather homesick, so it will be great to be able to spend time with his family. And then we come home for another week off.

That will be nice too. We both get a break from our daily routines. We get to sleep later, we get to indulge in more than a little mindless fun time, and we get to nap whenever we feel the inclination. Complete and utter laziness will be indulged, for the most part. I’ll still be blogging, even though I am off. And I’ll probably catch some matches and report on them too. But that’s ok. It’ll still be nice to be mostly “off”.

It isn’t always fun and games, though. We always get sick on holidays — particularly BDH. It’s as if his body finally just lets go and lets down its guard, and in that time every cold and flu in the universe sees it as party time. And so then it follows that I get sick too. So I’ve been sharing out the orange juice this week, just in case.

But we don’t care. Sick or well, home or away, we’re soon on VAY-CAY-SHUN! Woot!

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  1. Have a great time. Just relax and enjoy your time together with loved ones. It’s the best vacation of all!

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