The Sims of Our Lives

It’s another lazy weekend here at the House of Peevish. And what better way to be lazy than indulging in computer games?

Well, for us, it’s a good thing. But we’re geeks like that.

What TV is to most people, computers are to us. We don’t have TV in the conventional sense anymore. We cancelled cable at least a year ago, and we haven’t missed it. We have a ton of DVDs, sure, and we get many, many repeated views out of them (preparation, no doubt, for the endless repetition of much loved DVDs by our Mystery Baby over the coming years!) but for pure mindless fun, computers are it. Where other people sit down in front of TV shows and enjoy some mindless entertainment, that’s what we do with a computer. Or an iPod or a DS or a Playstation.

So, with an impending vacation back home in NS, where I have planned to book at least an afternoon with one of my favourite nieces, I decided to get prepared. The last time we visited, we played Sims 2 for an afternoon and had a blast.

If you don’t know what Sims is, it’s like a game where you are a god and this is the world you create and these are the mere mortals whose lives you get to control. It’s a game where you design people and help them live everyday life. You raise them, teach them to exercise and cook and clean and play games and all sorts of everyday things. You send them off to school and work and introduce them to other Sims and marry them off. You can get them involved in affairs, you can have them abducted by aliens, and you can even kill them off, if you get cheesed with them. It’s like The Sims of Our Lives. Or the Sims and the Restless. Or even All My Sims.

It’s a kids game, and it’s simple and fun and mindless. (And for me, the game is not so much the attraction as the ability to design and decorate buildings. I could do that for hours.)

And so this year, I have loaded up all the Sims games we own. Every. last. version. (Except the holidays one, because I couldn’t get it to load last night, but I’ll keep trying.) So we have Sims cats and dogs and birds, Sims who can go to university, Sims who can own businesses… we are READY.

But one of the problems with Sims is that it is as addictive as hell. You can lose hours and days playing it. And so, yesterday, I did. I loaded everything up and started trying all the new stuff. And I built a university, and I sent a Sim off to university, and I remodeled another Sim couple’s home and bought them a pet (a lovely parakeet called Wally). I made a cat and a dog, designed very specifically with breed characteristics and coat colours and everything. And before I knew it, it was midnight.

So I am pooped today. But there are two other things that weekends are good for — big mugs of coffee in the morning, and naps in the afternoon. And since I’ll likely spend a few more hours playing Sims again today, both of those things will come in handy.

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