Friday Fun: Leftovers

Christmas = so much food, so little time

It’s true, isn’t it? We usually have way more food than we can eat over the holidays.We make a massive turkey dinner that could feed the Prussian army, we make cookies and sweets for everyone and then some, and if you are at our house, it isn’t Christmas unless as certain someone has his macaroon chocolates. Of which we have A TON, because hey, they sell them at the bulk store.


For today’s Friday Fun we have leftovers. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Some things that go well together, and some that maybe don’t usually go together. So choose a little bit from each and enjoy!

  1. Monopoly or Scrabble?
  2. Alarm clock or clock radio?
  3. Jelly beans or jujubes?
  4. Lawnmower or goat?
  5. 70s, 80s or 90s?
  6. Lemonade or iced tea?
  7. News, fashion or gossip magazines?
  8. Bacon, sausage or ham?
  9. Screwdriver or hammer?
  10. Shakespeare or soap opera?

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Leftovers

  1. 1. Monopoly. Oddly enough. You’d think I’d be more of a word person.
    2. Alarm clock. If a voice randomly comes screeching at me first thing I’d likely attack the clock.
    3. Neither, thank you. I’ve never cared for either one.
    4. Oh you BASTARD. You KNOW I love doing the yardwork, but I’m also wishing for a good goat or two. Can’t I do both?
    5. I love much from the 70s and also the 80s. Tough call, that.
    6. Iced tea without any sweetener.
    7. Gimme the gossip!
    8. We are approaching the YEAR OF THE SAUSAGE!
    9. Screwdriver. Handy for random celeb stalking.
    10. Shakespeare. I guess. If I was being forced at screwdriver point to choose. Soap operas are tough for me because I can’t set aside the time and attention to watch them.

  2. 1. Scrabble.
    2. Alarm clock.
    3. Don’t like either. Give me chocolate please.
    4. Lawnmower. Hey,I can even use the big boy toys,the sit on mower.
    5. Looking back I can’t see any difference but I would be younger in the 70s.
    6. Iced tea.
    7. Fashion. Not that i would wear a lot of them.
    8. Ham.
    9. Hammer. It gets rid of built up frustrations.
    10. I can’t stand either one but if I have to choose it would have to be soap opera. I can’t under stand a lot of Shakespeare.

  3. 1.Monopoly, it’s one of my fave games
    2.Alarm clock
    3.Mmmm jujubes. I hate how they get all stuck in my teeth though.
    4.Goat, just because I am an animal lover. I do actually enjoy mowing the grass (it’s the poop scooping before hand that I can’t stand!)
    5.70’s, I was born in 79 so I kinda missed that decade.
    6.Iced tea, but only the sweetened kind.
    7.Definately gossip.
    8.Bacon, but it has to be super crispy.
    10.I can’t understand either….yes I am simple-minded.

  4. 10.Scrabble, play it all the time even on facebook
    2.Alarm clock. The only way I can get out of bed on a working day. But radio would be nice to listen to if I didn’t have to get up.
    3.They’re both yucky and stick to my teeth, way too sweet
    4.Lawnmower, I just feed it gasoline and give it a push, the goat would likely push me!
    5.70’s for sure. I graduated in 77 and love to hear the old stuff.
    6.Iced tea, sweetened
    7.Gossip, it’s less depressing than the news, and my fashion sense sucks unless comfy-baggy is in
    8.Absolutely love ham. Give me a pot of burnt scalloped potatoes and a side (order) of ham and I’m a pig in sh#$%t so to speak.
    9.I like a hammer for stress release, just ask BDh about his alarm clock, but I use a screwdriver quite often around the house. My son gave me a cool quick-change driver that I use alot and keep in the kitchen drawer

  5. I still have a little Bailey’s left for my coffee this morning, so I’ll have a go at this one now!

    1. I think Monopoly, but only because I have played it more.
    2. Clock radio. I think if an alarm went off while I was sleeping you’d have to peel me off the ceiling. What a horrible noise to wake up to.
    3. I love them both. Jelly beans have better flavours generally speaking, but I love jujubes. Especially the green ones and the black ones.
    4. I think a goat would be fun. But he’s need a sofa. I used to drive by a farmyard that had a big sofa in the middle of it and there was always a goat standing on top like king of the mountain. I love that.
    5. Dude. The 80s had the best music and the worst fashion.
    6. I think iced tea. But that’s only because we rarely have good lemonade around here.
    7. News magazines. I’m still a news junkie at heart, even though I avoid it at all costs these days.
    8. Bacon. Crisp. Cooked in the oven.
    9. Screwdriver. Because they’re good for all sorts of things, least of all stalking a favourite celebrity. And if I need a hammer, I can always use a shoe or a rock or something.
    10. Shakespeare, definitely. But some of the best ones are basically soap operas anyway. I love me some Shakespeare. Much Ado About Nothing and Henry V are two of my favourite movies. Now THAT’s a good idea for a snowy Saturday afternoon…

  6. I’m a little late but here goes.
    1. Scrabble. Monopoly takes too long.
    2. Radio, for sure. I hate alarms, they scare the crap out of me.
    3. Jujubes, black are my favs.
    4. Lawnmower, although a goat would be more environmentally friendly.
    5. I am definitely an 80’s child.
    6. Iced tea.
    7. Gossip mags. I don’t spread it but I like to hear it.
    8. Bacon, bacon, bacon.
    9. Screwdriver sounds good, add lots of vodka and we won’t need the hammer.
    10. Soaps. I can’t understand Shakespeare so much. Then again, I can’t understand soaps much either.

  7. If Sherri gets into the screwdrivers with vodka she will get the hammer the next morning whether she wants it or not. Better hid Maddie’s drum set.

  8. 1. Scrabble – even though I suck at it!
    2. Neither but if I have to wake up by something I guess a clock radio.
    3. I like jelly beans
    4. I like mowing a lawn
    5. Are we talking music? I think it would have to be the 80’s.
    6. I’m not really a big fan of either but I would say iced tea.
    7. Today I would pick gossip but tomorrow it might be fashion and Tuesday it might be news.
    8. I really like sausage but I tend to order bacon.
    9. I think a screwdriver.
    10. Shakespeare – I never really was much for Soap Operas

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