One of My Faves

I love playing “spot the pop star” while watching this — and laughing at the bad ’80s styles. (But they were so COOL back then!) And I love that it features the great and beautiful Paul Young, one of the pop heroes of my youth.

This song is just a small part of my deep and abiding love and admiration for Bob Geldof and Midge Ure.

Merry Christmas. Feed the world.

4 thoughts on “One of My Faves

  1. HA! Love this. What a classic. I still remember every frame. Love that Boy George – what a voice!

    Thanks for posting this and have a great Christmas.

  2. Whoa man. Did you know that this morning I purchased two weeks worth of meals for classes through the United Nations World Food Programe. I did that in lieu of gifts for a few family members. Each week fed 88 people for a week.

    I just think it’s really cool that you blogged this on the same day I did that.

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