Friday Fun: Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime

It’s the last Friday before Christmas! So I thought we’d do something about… Easter. (HA! I kid. I’m a kidder.) Of course we’ll do CHRISTMAS!

I am feeling still not-so-festive-as-I-would-like, but I am getting there. It’ll be a quiet, downmarket Christmas for us, but sometimes those can be lovely. Only a few presents, not as much running around and two slightly overstuffed, sleepy people relaxing in front of endless holiday DVDs. Sounds quite nice, actually.

So let’s see if we can’t all get festiver (adj: more festive, as in “Ooooh, a Swiss Chalet Festive Special would hit the spot right now. It always makes me feel festiver.” or “Great idea putting antlers on the dog, Madge. Now the place looks festiver.”) before the holiday comes. Let’s talk about all the very best things about Christmas, and maybe we can get some collective holiday spirit going here!

  1. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
  2. What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
  3. What was your best Christmas gift ever when you were a child?
  4. What’s your favourite ornament on the Christmas tree?
  5. If money were no object, what’s one gift you’d love to buy for someone?
  6. Do you have any slightly odd or strange or silly traditions at Christmas?
  7. What are your 3 favourite treats during the holidays?
  8. Are you partial to any particular decoration/theme for the holidays?
  9. What are your 3 favourite Christmas songs?
  10. What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime

  1. 1. Morning. EARLY morning, much to my dismay. I never have enough sleep on the holiday.
    2. Holiday Inn, of course.
    3. You know, I don’t have any one gift that comes to mind. Is that sad?
    4. A cinnamon ornament that my son made when he was little. Also, all the ornaments given to me by students over the years.
    5. Wow. Truly, if money were no object, I would build a neighborhood for a group of families – single mothers, working poor – and the neighborhood would have a neighborhood playground, gardens, and all homes would be as environmentally friendly as possible and would use mostly solar energy.
    6. Every year I purposely dirty my carpet by taking some large boots and leaving Santa’s “footprints” for the kids to see.
    7. Cocoa, Cocoa, and we always have some S’mores on Christmas. I don’t really like S’mores at all, but it’s so fun for my kids.
    8. You know, I used to go way too far for Christmas. It was a cornucopia of Christmas crap all over. I’ve gotten way simpler over the years. The tree, a wreath, and one Santa that sits on the sofa table.
    9. I have no favorite Christmas song.
    10. Watching my kids with their gifts. They aren’t getting much, but they are getting things they truly want. It’s nice.

  2. What a fun list!

    1. Christmas morning usually – especially when there are kids around
    2. The Grinch!
    3. I can’t remember that far back….maybe my Cher doll??
    4. I don’t have a fave ornament – hopefully next year I’ll have one that says “Baby’s first Christmas”
    5. A house – mortgage free – for my Mom
    6. No odd traditions that I can think of – once kidlet comes along I’m sure we’ll start some funny family ones
    7. Turkey, cinnamon pull aparts, eggnog
    8. I’ve been kind of going rustic the past couple of years – I guess it’s part of my wish to make the season simpler and more meaningful.
    9. Gabriel’s Message sung by Sting. Makes me tear up just thinking about it.
    10. Spending time with my family.

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. 1. In Burlington we open them on Christmas morning. If we are in Red Rock it all depends on when my brother and his children arrive.
    2. I don’t really have one but I love to watch The Sounds of Music at Christmas. I saw The Elf for the first time this year and laughed so hard. That might be another annual one.
    3. My dad got me a typewriter when I was thirteen.
    4. I love the star on the top of the tree but I love the Danish Flag garland as well.
    5. I would love to pay for Dave & Kerri’s wedding in Scotland.
    6. We have a danish tradition where we serve cold cream of wheat with a strawberry topping. Inside the dish is a hazel nut or almond. Whoever gets the nut has to keep it a secret until it is all done because that was the only way that we would eat it. The person who has the nut gets a gift.
    7. Shorbread cookies, new york squares and triffle.
    8. Not really.
    9. Love them all but not in October!
    10. Sitting in front of a fire.

  4. 1. Christmas Morning. Except the year BDH was not to be denied one gift Christmas eve. He was beside himself with excitement and we could not get him to settle down. We have a picture of him and you can see the devil shining from his eyes. I think he was about 5 or 6 years of age. One of my memories of Christmas.
    2. White Christmas for Cinn and The Quiet Man for hubby. I know it is not a Christmas movie but every year he likes to watch it. I think it is the Irish countryside he likes.
    3. Can’t remember one. We didn’t have a lot as kids so if we got a doll or skates that was great.
    4. I don’t have a favorite but remember all that have been given to us over the years.
    5. A home, mortgage free for all our children and see that all our grandchildren get the education they feel they need to get them started in life.
    6. None that I know of.
    7. Chocolate, chocolate , chocolate.
    8. A few years back I started making homemade ornaments for our second tree that is in the living ,(the second one is in the rec room) I have made everyone of them except a few from my granddaughter. It was a lot of work but I loved doing it.
    9. I like them all.
    10. I am most looking forward to family time. We are really blessed with a great family. Some can’t be here until after the Christmas event but will be here in our hearts and I hope (no,I know) we in theirs.

  5. 1. Christmas morning. Absolutely. It gets later and later each year, but I am sure once we have a little one running around that will change.
    2. White Christmas! Easy. We used to watch it on TV every Christmas — except one when NOBODY, inexplicably, bothered to buy the rights — and now that we own it on DVD we watch it at least once over the holidays. And you have certain things you MUST say and do — “PINE Tree! Coming into PINE Tree!” — like it’s a screening of Rocky Horror or something. But there are so many: Holiday Inn, Bernard and the Genie, Love Actually, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Bells of St. Marys
    3. I got a bike, a 10 speed that was finally my very own and new and not a hand-me-down. I was so excited I clapped my hands and jumped up and down (and sprained my thumb by hitting the bike by mistake.) And then my sister borrowed it and got it stolen after being able to ride it just 3 times.
    4. That’s a tough one. I’d have to say it’s a tie between the angel at the top that was knitted for us by Sherri, after we’d looked for years and years for the perfect angel, and Eric the Half-an-Elf.
    5. I think I’d buy retirement for my husband and me and a mortgage-free home close to his family.
    6. Dude. We have TONS. Starting with a moratorium on decorating or Christmas songs or anything until my birthday has passed, to individually greeting all the Christmas ornaments (each one with it’s own particular story) as they get unwrapped before we decorate the tree, to talking to the turkey in the oven to make sure it pulls it’s weight and cooks well… We’re all about the oddball here.
    7. Mixed nuts, especially salty pecans. Baileys in my coffee. Turkey dinner.
    8. I always had a thing for slightly dishevelled-looking angels, so we have lots of them. Sort of like Clarence from It’s a Wonderful Life.
    9. Fairytale of New York. Do They Know It’s Christmas. Feliz Navidad. And the entire Clancy Brothers Christmas album as well.
    10. Rest.

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