Wishes, Christmas or Otherwise

A preliminary Christmas wish list. It’s a work in progress. I’d like to see Santa carry some of this stuff down the chimney, though.

  • World Peace. No, too big. Must think in smaller steps. Okay… World Don’t-be-such-bastards-to-each-other-all-the-damn-time.
  • A dishwasher that works. (Not my husband. Although I appreciate him doing the dishes for me.)
  • Good quality, restful sleep.
  • Plentiful food for the winter for Charleston and the other deer who live out back. (The squirrels are fine. Especially the piggly wiggly one who sits in the feeder and stuffs himself before lumbering back home.)
  • Some peace and happiness at Christmas for friends who are going through a difficult time right now.
  • Really, really good coffee. With Bailey’s in it. And cream. For Christmas morning. And maybe a couple days after that.
  • A team of cleaning elves to come clean my house from top to bottom. Hm. Still thinking too big. How about… A tidy house for Christmas.
  • Referrals for Nicky and Haze and Ricki and Shannon and all my other my dear online friends.
  • The mysterious disappearance of 25 30 40 pounds. (Aim high.)
  • A cat-free Christmas tree.
  • A couple of days of sitting on my butt and knitting over the holidays.
  • Our referral.

There. That’s a start.

4 thoughts on “Wishes, Christmas or Otherwise

  1. Awwwww, thanks for thinking of me in your Christmas wishes!
    I had a good laugh at the 4th-from-the bottom one.
    And my dear, my fingers and toes are crossed for your referral too.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Dude – I made your Christams list!!!!

    Thank you so much. Here’s crossing my fingers for you too!

    X X
    (two sets of fingers)

    >> from me at Christmas!

  3. What a great Christmas wish list. And thank you so much for wishing for my referral too!! I can relate to most of those wishes.

    Have a wonderfully wonderful, knitting-filled Christmas. Here’s to your referral coming sooner rather than later.


  4. Those are some great wishes for your Christmas list, thanks for including me as well. One of my Christmas morning rituals is Bailey’s and coffee as well! Last year, I couldn’t partake as I was in “the two week wait”, so no alcohol for me last Christmas. This year it will be Ethiopian fair trade coffee with my Bailey’s, wow what a difference one year can make! Have a great Christmas, I hope your referral comes soon.

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