Friday Fun: Ho Ho Ho

Christmas is coming, and the goose is not the only thing that is getting fat. OY, there’s so much to eat and drink during the Christmas season, it’s no wonder everyone is merry. Except shopping — people are not merry when they are shopping. And let’s not even get into how NOT merry people are when they are PARKING. If the world is a merry Christmas wonderland, then parking lots are where the Grinch sets up his recruitment centres.

Well I am trying my best to get all festive and all that, but it’s hard. I’m just not feeling the Christmas spirit.  There’s no anticipation, there’s no excitement… I am sure that will change when the tree is fully up and decorated and presents are under the tree. But right now, the only thing that makes me feel vaguely festive is Jose Feliciano.  (“FELIZ NAVIDAD! FELIZ NAVIDAD! Feliz Navidad, mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble! A HA!”)

So let’s try to get a little festiver, shall we? Let’s try to get some comfort and joy going with this week’s edition of the Friday Fun.

  1. Rum and eggnog, or Baileys?
  2. Multicoloured lights on the outside of the house, or all one colour?
  3. Gift cards or actual presents?
  4. “Ave Maria” or “O Holy Night”?
  5. Nuts and a nutcracker, or tangerines?
  6. Charlie Brown Christmas or Frosty the Snowman?
  7. Elves or reindeer?
  8. Salvation Army or Angel Trees?
  9. Travelling or staying home for the holidays?
  10. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” or “Feliz Navidad”?

Only one more week to get festive!

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Ho Ho Ho

  1. 1. If I have to chose from these it would be Baileys but you
    know it will be wine at my house.
    2. Lights…..all one color.
    3. This is hard. I prefer to give gifts but when there is a
    travel issue for these gifts and you do not know their size
    or preference I go for gift cards. Play it safe.
    4. Another hard one. Ava Maria.
    5. Nuts and a nutcracker.
    6. Charlie Brown Christmas.
    7. Reindeer.
    8. We give to both. It is all about giving.
    9. Staying home for the holidays.
    10. Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
    I feel the same as you I have to dig
    deep this year for some holiday spirit.

  2. Hey Cinn, are we the only ones still looking for the Christmas Spirit? Has everyone else found it and have left us out here in the great unknown all alone? I think I will try a little harder and really put my heart into it and try to do something that will let me reach out to someone in need or lonely or simply help someone in my family when they lest expect it. I am starting to feel like the Grinch and that is the last thing I want to be. I have started my Christmas baking, have my shopping done and the trimmings are on the tree. That leaves reaching out to someone in need. I hope I can meet the challenge and be of some help to someone. My Granddaughter’s Christmas concert was last night and that helped a lot. Just to hear their young voices singing the season’s songs and to see them with their eyes shinning so bright just to please their families with their oh so beautiful voices.

  3. Well that sounds lovely! I think that will be a great way to get some Christmas spirit!

    I don’t know where everyone is today… but I bet it has something to do with shopping!

  4. 1. Bailey’s.
    2. None at the moment but I like multicolored.
    3. I love presents but gift cards are great too.
    4. O Holy Night.
    5. Tangerines, unless there are filberts. I love those.
    6. Frosty the Snowman.
    7. Elves.
    8. That’s a hard one, I guess Angel tree.
    9. STaying home.
    10. Feliz Navidad.
    I am also struggling with the holiday spirit. Everything just seems so rushed and I am so hectic and crazy at home I just can’t seem to get anything done. No cleaning, no tree, no decorations, no baking, no wrapping, nothing is done and I haven’t got the energy to move. This is hard with two girls at home to make Christmas for. I just don’t know how to get festive this year.

  5. I just don’t have the holiday in me today. Sorry.

    Maybe later, after I manage to do some other stuff around here, I will.

  6. Well, I’m going to give it a go!

    1. Totally Baileys. I had some last night, actually… and a splash in my coffee this morning, as we got up and started to do a whole lot of Xmas baking.
    2. All one colour. White. And just a single, plain string to trim things — no designs or dangly bits or patterns of snowflakes or anything. I think it looks elegant.
    3. This is a tough one. I like having presents under the tree because it looks so festive. But I don’t think you need to spend a lot to have a festive Christmas. And I love gift cards because they travel well and you can get what you need/want.
    4. “Ave Maria”. But only if a woman sings it. I just think it’s a hymn best suited to a woman.
    5. Nuts and a nutcracker. I remember always having one on the table, and it was our big Xmas treat.
    6. Charlie Brown Christmas. Frosty just irritates the heck out of me.
    7. Dude. Elves get, like, ZERO press at Xmas. It’s all Santa, Santa, Santa and reindeer, reindeer, reindeer. I like the elves. They work hard, they party hard, and so I bought wrapping paper with elves on it this year.
    8. Salvation Army. I think they do a great job, and it’s not just about the presents with them. It’s also about a good meal, a warm place to stay, and some clothes on your back.
    9. Travelling would be awesome, but who can afford it? And the crowds and the stress…
    10. TOTALLY. “Feliz Navidad”! You cannot be bummed and listen to “Feliz Navidad”. It is just. not. possible!

  7. 1. Rum and eggnog
    2. Multicoloured lights
    3. Now I think that I like Gift cards. Is that bad?
    4. “O Holy Night” – we used to go to Midnight Mass and Mr McDonald and Mrs Jordon used to sing. It was amazing.
    5. Tangerines – nuts are too much work and too messy!
    6. Charlie Brown Christmas
    7. I think that I will go for the Elves.
    8. They just had an article on the Salvation Army in Readers Digest so I will go with them.
    9. It depends what you mean by travelling. We are driving to Waterloo on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day we are driving to Cambridge. On Boxing Day we are leaving to go to Quebec for a few days. Staying home and not driving anywhere sounds like heaven but so does flying somewhere for a week.
    10. “Feliz Navidad” puts me in the mood.

  8. 1. Rum and eggnog are both gross in their own right. I shudder to think of what mixing them would taste like. Baileys it is.
    2. Multicoloured! Of course, I have no taste.
    3. Depends on who’s doing the giving. Some people should just stick to gift cards, you know?
    4. Ave Maria, I guess.
    5. Tangerines! Keep that scurvy at bay!
    6. It’s the great Christmas, Charlie Brown!
    7. Reindeer.
    8. I feel like a grinch for saying this, but neither. Angel Tree is run by the Salvation Army and we prefer to support non-religious organizations. I’m all about Hamilton Food Share, myself.
    9. The one year we went away at Christmas was weird. Deliciously warm, but weird and stressful.
    10. Feliz Navidad!

  9. OK after seeing everyone voted for Feliz Navidad I looked it up and I would like to change my vote to Feliz Navidad. I must confess that I didn’t know what you were talking about and went with the most familiar to me but I am open to change after watching the video.It’s great.

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