Capturing Day to Day

You know what I want? A nice, big journal-type book for writing things in.

I heard about this really neat idea in something I read once. A woman and her family kept this big book around — I kind of picture it as a nicely-bound book full of blank pages, not ruled, kind of like a scrapbook — and whenever an idea came to someone, or there was a thought or a quote that needed to be jotted down somewhere, or a sketch of something they wanted to do or make or whatever needed to be made (for I remember one of them being a bit of a sketcher), then they had this book. They could just write it down.

It’s not a journal, per se. Not like we are used to, like what blogs have become — it’s not a place for writing long bits of prose. And it’s not a notepad for writing down shopping lists and random phone messages. I mean, that’s what notepads by the telephone are for.

No. This is something more. Something that captures those bits of life we want to remember as they pass by, or plans we might have even if we never complete them, or things we’d like to try to do or make or remember. It’s like a bunch of mental “ooh, note to self:” moments, all made real.

I think one of these books would be a fab addition to our household. We are always picking out phrases we like from things we watch or listen to. We’ve always got these hopeful lists of potential house projects on the go. We often have ideas for things we’d like to buy or things we’d like to do to the house. I think of things I’d like to try to cook. And sometimes, we just have moments to capture. One of these books would be a great place for that. Although, I think ours would need to have lines. (And of course, we’d need a place to put it. Someplace that doesn’t get buried under bills and keys and other remnants of daily life.)

We’re very digital people. And I suppose we could do something like this digitally. But a book is so much more… real. We’d have it right there at our fingertips. And it’s central, and it would always be there, and we could always refer to it and flip through it.

And I think it would be cool to look back after a year at all the stuff that we’ve put in there. Look at all the thoughts and ideas we’ve jotted down. Laugh at the funny things our child might come out with while eating his lunch. Check out the sketches of things we’ve made and pictures of house ideas we’ve pasted in. Having a look at what some of the interesting moments of our day to day life have been.

I wish I could remember where I read this idea. If I had had one of these books, I could have written it down.

1 thought on “Capturing Day to Day

  1. What a lovely idea.

    I’d lose it, most likely. Or not have a pen ready. Or be too lazy to get up to move to WHERE the book was at the moment to write in it. Or think to myself, “I need to put that in the Book.” Only to forget to ever put it in the book.

    But I LOVE the idea.

    I’m just really sucky at follow through.

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