Karma Change Through Cookies

Well, let me just say, it’s tiresome wallowing in self pity. (Plus, if you wallow too long in ANYTHING, your fingers get all pruney. And nobody likes THAT.) So I am determined to NOT for a little while. I am shaking it off. And do you know how?

No, not yoga. Because yesterday? I was doing some downward dog/chimichanga combination thingy, and MY ELBOW. It PAINED me. So I stopped for a second, and tried it again as a test, and OW! More pain! What, am I in such feeble-ass shape that I have a YOGA INJURY?? Yoga is supposed to be GENTLE exercise, isn’t it? What’s next, spraining a pancreas doing Tai Chi? An Origami-related stress fracture?

But I digress.

No. This week I shall do my Christmas baking! You can’t be bummed while doing Christmas baking! Put on some festive music, get up to here in flour and sugar, and voila! Instant karma change. You can’t be bummed while listening to Bing and putting buttons on snowman cookies.

And we’re not talking just ANY baking here — oh no. We’re bringing out the heavy artillery. Shortbread. ROLLED shortbread. And fruitcake. And BDH’s favourite, icebox cookies. And whatever else comes to mind.

Plus, it’s like AN HOUR AND A HALF until Christmas or something ridiculous like that, and time has passed so quickly, and I have nothing done. And since we don’t have any money, all we can give people as gifts is baked goodness. Which isn’t such a bad thing, really.

So me and Bing and a cast of several will be downstairs in the kitchen until further notice. If you’re looking for me, just follow your nose.

4 thoughts on “Karma Change Through Cookies

  1. Mmmmm, I can smell them from here. Sounds like you better make some with splenda and splenda brown sugar or BDH will be in trouble 🙂 By the way, I love homemade gifts, that is pretty much all we can afford and we appreciate the sentiment and time that goes into it when it is reciprocated.

  2. Tomorrow I will be doing baking, for I realized about ten minutes ago that I promised my dad cookies for his birthday. Which was in November. And not late November, either. Mid November. And he’s picking me up so I can take him out for his birthday movie tomorrow. And there are no cookies for him.


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